PresO finally saves billions…

Posted October 2nd, 2009 by Jim Ettwein

…as a result of his efforts (and “sacrifices”) the US and Chicago lost the bid to host the Olympics. So much for his charisma, power, and influence. So, in the end, we all win. The taxpayers save billions by not hosting this debacle. rr

2 Responses to “PresO finally saves billions…”

  1. B Howell

    The Times of London, today, just after the announcement, has a particular scathing account of BHO’s lack of achievements; especially the Olympic Games.

    Apparently, Europe wasn’t impressed with the tag team from America. Madrid is in dreadful financial trouble. Tokyo is just coming out of financial troubles ahead of the US. Rio is the only place that could afford the games.

  2. J Flick


    Finally, a dose of humility for this idiot! Regretfully I’m not working on Monday to listen to Glenn, Rush and Sean report this waste of millions of our tax dollars in vain.
    Maybe some of his ChiTown cronies will start to call in their markers…