Presidents’ Day 2013: How Low We Have Sunk!

Posted February 18th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Our Country was founded by humble giants, – held together through bad days by humble giants, – men who had known sacrifice, combat, mortal danger, the loss of friends and comrades…
Presidents' Day
They were men who understood Liberty and fought for Freedom and Human Dignity…

But today our Kenyan Communist community organizer is in Florida – playing golf with Tiger Woods – a man who cheated on his wife with hookers

Americans should be outraged….
Lincoln with troops

…but we’ve become a nation of low-information voters…
oBummer using troops
Perhaps we have the pResident we deserve…?

Will this nation of dumbed-down voters next select Hillary Clinton – the lying fraud who asked “What difference does it make?”

2 Responses to “Presidents’ Day 2013: How Low We Have Sunk!”

  1. Anti-Theist

    Voters are more informed than ever, your president is proof.

  2. Victor

    “Kenyan Communist community organizer.” Is he communist, fascist, marxist, or socialist, Iron Mike? I’ve heard you call him all four on your blog and they each have distinct (some unrelated) meanings. I think you’re just throwing words out there now.

    Also President Bush was playing golf while international issues occurred – when he was president 60 people died due to terrorist attacks on embassies while only 13 have died under Obama’s administration. The facts don’t lie!