President Trump VETOES H.J.Res 46

Posted March 15th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Democrats and RiNOs ~ thought ~ they’d just issued Trump a defeat…

He showed them!  He turned the event into another Trump Rally,  – and with a phalanx of Sheriffs and Angel Moms standing with him,  – made again the case for the Emergency Declaration,  – for the Wall,  – and he VETOED the resolution. video:

For eight long terrible years Obama made me cringe every damned day!

This President makes me PROUD,…and I’m sleeping a LOT BETTER!

8 Responses to “President Trump VETOES H.J.Res 46”

  1. person of interest

    dirty treasonous crooked #45

  2. Kojack

    person of non-interest – are you a brown-skin coakroach or just a run of the mill Kool-Aid addict?

  3. Ben

    You who speaks of treason should be looking at your own party.
    You will find them pretty easily.

  4. person of interest


    Only the skin of my starfish is brown, but you already knew that.


    I just look at history, the facts, and the results so far. 45 is dirty, and you all excuse it so you can feel superior to the enemies you create in your minds.

    It is hard to believe that any of you are Americans.


    1st and LAST WARNING Person of Disinterest.

    Use a REAL Email – or you will be BLOCKED!

    If you have evidence that Trump is somehow “dirty” – tell us and make a report to the FBI.

    And FYI, we don’t give a DAMN what your skin color is, we care about your brain and your warped view of politics.

    Trump never sold American Uranium to the Russians (in exchange for “speaking fees”), – and he never went to bed while letting Americans DIE in Benghazi.

    And he never gave the Red Chinese US Missile and Bomb secrets in exchange for campaign contributions, – and he never used a hidden private email server to conduct TOP SECRET government business….

    AND,…he doesn’t have a trail of DEAD BODIES behind him like the Clintons and the Obamas do….

  5. Kojack

    PERSON OF NON-INTEREST – “I just look at history, the facts, and the results so far. 45 is dirty, and you all excuse it so you can feel superior to the enemies you create in your minds.

    It is hard to believe that any of you are Americans.”

    You just revealed that you’re a hard-core Kool-Aid guzzler, fresh out of the indoctrination camp aka the public school system.

    You have never read the U.S. Constitution, have no idea what an American is, no sense of right and wrong and no sense of history save the “America is bad” propaganda you’ve been force-fed.

    Do you still have your own bedroom or are you living in mommy’s basement?

  6. person of interest

    Silly mentally deranged babbling.

    I left the DOD school system in 1974, college soon thereafter. The constitution was part of my curricula multiple times, and my grades were acceptable (they are not currently hidden).

    I have spent more time on US soil outside the US than you might think.

    I vote for both Republicans and Democrats as I see fit.

    Mommy passed long ago, and since I can remember we’ve never had a basement.

    America was doing fine (+/- normal variation) until you and your ilk started feeling tough because someone crazier than you was saying lots of the same crazy un-American things you were thinking about ‘them’.

  7. Leonard Mead

    RE “person of interest”: This character has only taunted conservatives posting here, has provided insults, innuendoes, and name calling, and no facts why Trump and the conservatives are “crazy,” “treasonous,” and “dirty.”

    Time to close the play-pen for this person and wait until he/she has facts to post — not name calling and insults.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative


    We agree Len! He’s been given a chance to validate himself, – or he’ll be BLOCKED!

  8. Kojack

    Person of NO interest – If you are what you say you are then you are an OLD KOOL-AID gushing/guzzling lib-TURD in the tradition of WARD CHURCHILL, RICHARD CLOWARD and FRANCES FOX PIVEN.

    I’m sure mommy passed her anti-American “values” down to you before she passed and if you’ve never had a basement you must live in a tent on some commune with a bunch of other ne’er-do-wells like yourself.

    The DEMOCRAP party which is the party of slavery, Jim-Crow and now ILLEGALS OVER AMERICANS stopped being an American political party decades ago and I don’t believe your meager attempt at credibility by claiming you’ve voted for the GOP in the past. THERE IS NO COMPARISON even though the modern GOP leaves much to be desired.

    HUSSIEN was by far the worst POTUS in U.S. history but you say we were doing fine. By what criteria?!?!? The economy was flat, ISIS was running rampant, the military was at dangerously low levels of combat readiness, etc., etc., etc.

    Modern liberalism is indeed a mental dis-order and YOU ARE A DERANGED TRAITEROUS MORON. When the second American Civil War is started by the Antifa fascists, BLM and the rest of your side, you and your ilk will be flushed out and exterminated.