President Teleprompter Renews War On Guns

Posted December 17th, 2015 by Iron Mike

At RRB we were stunned when Obama went to the Pentagon to confer with his generals.   We didn’t think he knew where the building is…
pResident Photo-Op
Claiming to be part of a 64-nation ‘coalition’,  – Obama promised more of the same,  – i.e. Teleprompter Powered hot air – directed against his feared and hated enemy – our 2nd Amendment and your guns.

Seemingly within minutes the Air Force announced they’re running out of bombs – after an average of 17 sorties per day….?

And then it was revealed that Ash Carter used a private email server when he became SecDEF.

Petraeus laughing

There are millions of stupid and/or racist Amerikans who will continue to worship and believe in Obama – all the way to their death beds…. They are fools, or traitors,…or both!

But ponder for awhile the satanic hypocrisy of this narcissistic fraud – who wants to keep our baby-killing mills open and running full-tilt,….

.while at the same time waging a token fly-swatting war against ISIS,…

.bravely rebuking ISIS by having John Kerry conclude a Global Warming Agreement in Paris….

…and simultaneously importing tens of thousands unvetted military-age Muslim ‘refugees‘ into our cities,…at midnight,….without ever notifying local officials,….and paying them out of your tax dollars…..

…all while telling you the best way to ‘fight extremism’ is for the Government to ban guns….

Obama's terror watch list

At some point we have to ask: – “…are there any honest thinking Democrats left in the country…?”

satanic hypocrisy of Obama

10 Responses to “President Teleprompter Renews War On Guns”

  1. Panther 6

    Mike; I just pray we can survive another 13 months then see a President emerge who is a good leader and a man of courage who believes in the Constitution. Frankly I fear over the last 7 years the BO regime has put lots and lots of muslims in the bureaucracy who will continue to push the islamic agenda/ Getting them out won’t be easy. The leftist anti gun nuts will not stop but I see the NRA is putting out some very good and meaningful commercials that may well help. Good on em! GO NRA.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    This person it completely out of control. There is no one on the House or Senate that has the nerve of the intelligence to speak for it against this person. He has surrounded himself with dolts: Ashe Carter, John Kerry, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, formerly Hillary Clinton and the ultimate “puppet master”, Valerie Jarret. With a cast of incompetent characters such as this, this person has only compounded his incompetency, put this country in eminent danger, will not recognize that we are ar war with Radical Islamo Jihadists who have sworn to kill us.

  3. Jim

    Wait! Wait! The best way to ‘fight extremism’ is for the Government to ban guns? I thought it was to fight Global Weather? So confused.

    Maybe the government needs to sponsor a guns-for-CFL exchange. You turn in your assault rifle, the government gives you a swirly bulb. That would show ISIS.

  4. Hawk1776

    I usually don’t listen to Obama but I did watch this press conference. He was completely disinterested and spoke as quickly as possible so he could vacate the Pentagon return to the White House. Frankly, I thought it was insulting to the Joint Chiefs and to the entire military. I was disgusted. I can only imagine how the generals felt.

  5. Jim Gettens

    Yeah, well, we also need some senior military officers and border security officials to put their ‘careers’ on the line for the sake of their Country and request the opportunity to tell Congressional Committees the full truth about how the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pussy is undermining domestic security and failing in the fight against ISIS. That will never happen. They only display political courage after they retire.

    As for Petraeus, in whose command I served during 2004-2005, he was the ultimate smarmy all-about-me, unethical ends-justify-the-means, kiss-political-ass, waste-huge-amounts-of-taxpayer-money, deny-the-raging-Iraqi-Civil-War, up-the-incompetent-egotistical-Rumsfeld’s-Ass commander. Ultimately, Petraeus got what he deserved–only less so.

    After the disastrous 2004-2006 period in Iraq it wasn’t Petraeus who developed the Iraq ‘Surge’ plan following that ASSHOLE Rumsfeld’s failures–it was General Jack Keane who did.

  6. Sherox

    It’s time.

  7. kojack

    “….honest thinking Democrats….”an oxy-moron for sure.

  8. Paul J Baldi

    So, outlawing guns will get them off the streets and make us
    all safe? GEE! Maybe we should outlaw heroin and crystal
    meth, too!!


    And VOTER FRAUD too!!! If we outlawed voter fraud – surely the Democrat Party would help enforce THAT law…

  9. William Clark

    To the Iron Mike “Hell Yea” crowd – the GOP is now a becoming more centrist to appeal to more voters. The candidates in the last debate are hawking WWIII and President Obama is riding a 55% approval rating like “Slick Willie”.

    Mark my words – The GOP is completely ignoring the Electoral College number of 270.

  10. Jim Gettens

    Gee, I just looked. ZERO’s approval rating is 42%.


    On Foreign Policy he’s only at 36.8% – and those are all ISIS voters…