POTUS 46: Our National Village Idiot!

Posted January 19th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Xi Xinping’s hand-picked agent to be sworn in!
We suffered through 8 years of the hate-filled gay Muslim,  – now we’ll suffer through his life insurance policy,  – China Joe and his Hoe!

American Democrats (aka Communist Globalists) turned away the American Patriot who was making them wealthy and free from foreign domination and energy dependence,  – and to show their spite,  – they deliberately elected a dementia patient,  – and an actual whore.
You thought Obama was bad?   Just wait until Joe opens the border,  – rips down the wall,  – and you’re paying $4.50 / gallon for gas and heating oil again!

7 Responses to “POTUS 46: Our National Village Idiot!”

  1. Vic

    I still find it hard to believe that President Trump will just walk away, when he knows he is the rightful President and leader of the free world. I find it harder to believe that my own beloved US Army will stand by and allow this usurpation of the Constitution.

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    It’s come down to being able to P-R-O-V-E in a courtroom that the machines were rigged, then re-rigged.

    The Dems were very clever, – and without PROOF, courts are powerless to overturn the results. We may have just ceased to be a Constitutional Republic – if they can do it again in 2022 and 2024.

  2. panther 6

    Agree with Iron Mike completely. It was rigged and we can’t prove it in court. Over the next 2-4 years we MUST fix the State’s election rules/laws to include honest voting or our Constitution is doomed as are we all.

  3. Jim Buba


    “Hey,with this system, we can elect any idiot!”

    I give you, Blinky

  4. Leonard Mead

    No offence, folks, but evidence for fraud EXISTS IN SPADES:
    – Bogus 80 million votes sent OUT to the dead the moved, pet names, etc
    -Non verified signature mail-in votes returned and COUNTED!
    -Video of mystery votes from boxes UNDER TABLES in the 7 crooked states then run multiple times thru voting machines after the Republican monitors have been run out of the room
    – Dominion Software shown to be able to CHANGE VOTES using external controls
    – Facebook and Twitter media giants spending hundreds of millions SUPRESSING Trump Achievements, supporting democrat vote registration.

    The courts just have refused to SEE this evidence.

    Trump won and should take his victory using the military while arresting, charging, and punishing the criminals in military courts.

    Len Mead

  5. Varvara

    I agree with Len Mead!

  6. Unclezip

    Spite, disdain, whatever. We are all china’s biatches now.

  7. Kojack

    I learned this morning that Trump went to the Pentagon in December and asked the top DoD brass for help with invoking the Insurrection Act and the traitors refused!!! We can now add the military top brass to the list of corrupt federal agencies.

    I understand there was an article in the WSJ about it.

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    Obama spent 8 years purging our Military of any general with enough balls to remove him,…Stanley McChrystal and Mike Flynn being two that come quickly to mind.