Potential Layoffs Due To Ocare: Blacks Call For Boycott!

Posted November 11th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

Once again the ignorant shoot themselves in their respective feet. This is how Obama keeps getting elected. He makes sure that his constituency remains ignorant so he can continue to fool them.

In this case, some businesses are saying that due to the extreme economics of Obamacare, they are either holding off on expansion, or cutting hours of some employees. So, the geniuses that support Obama are implementing an all-out boycott. I guess that they don’t realize how things work. Of course they don’t, they haven’t worked or started a business themselves. They just take our tax money instead.

So, they boycott these businesses. That decreases business for these restaurants. Since they don’t have the volume of business to sustain their workforce, they’re forced to layoff even more people. Duh! Or should I say Doh!

Yes, these are the folks who re-elected Obama. You see, it’s not about jobs at all. It’s all about free stuff. rr

One Response to “Potential Layoffs Due To Ocare: Blacks Call For Boycott!”

  1. Tom

    In the words of the Obamunists – “you are a racist”. They are entitled to the free stuff, it is their “constitutional right”, just the way the framers meant it to be. This is the way they have been brainwashed and therefor their thought process and logic has become corrupted. God save the United States of America from this terrible scourge.