Portland Oregon Is Now A Dumpster Fire!

Posted July 16th, 2020 by Iron Mike

A left-wing Mayor and a left-wing Governor have left the city ripe for communist take-over,  – and the commies are trying.  If not crushed – quickly – this left-coast insanity will spread,  – exactly as Soros intends.

The trick is to crush these commies – quickly and totally,  – and not let them out on bail.  Trump needs to call them what they are – Domestic Enemies – an insurrection (Article IV, § 4).

This Soros-financed communist revolution must be crushed in July and August – or it will be everywhere by Election Day.

Despite all the discouraging polls you see in the left-wing media (the Propaganda Ministry), the left knows Biden cannot win unless huge numbers of older (Conservative) voters are too fearful to venture out on Election Day.

If the left can keep the elderly voters home,  their flood of fraudulent mail-in ballots will put Biden in the White House,  – and end our Constitutional Republic – FOREVER!

Ammo Up! 

One Response to “Portland Oregon Is Now A Dumpster Fire!”

  1. Walter Knight

    Portland is like Venezuela. We have to let it burn for the greater good: setting an example for America and the world what happens when liberals run things. Everything liberal is a fraud.


    Sounds harsh Walter, but I fear you are correct. Maybe if Seattle or Portland burn to the ground others will wake up…