Portland, Oregon: AntiFA Basic Training

Posted June 30th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Elections do have consequences!  When über-liberal citizens think they’re part of a socially advanced post-Constitutional world,  – and elect raving lunatics to high office,  they can expect a gathering of the nation’s lunatic fringe – including the violent ones.

They were rioting again Saturday in downtown Portland.  At RRB we suspect it will be a regular occurrence this summer,  and the WORKING TAXPAYERS will pick up the tab for all the police overtime. video

ATTENTION PORTLAND:  If by September you’ve had enough of AntiFA’s goons practicing for 2020 in your downtown,  – think about impeaching your twerpy dorky boy mayor,  electing a MAN,  – and telling your police department to start cracking skulls and jawbones.

Nothing keeps an AntiFA goon off your streets like a 2-year prison sentence! 

One Response to “Portland, Oregon: AntiFA Basic Training”

  1. Sherox

    The police are hired to keep the peace and arrest the lawbreakers. If they don’t do that, then they are not needed. Why should taxpayers pay people who refuse to do their jobs?


    Revolving door at the courthouse Sherox….

    The cops march ’em in in cuffs, – the libturd judges release them with no or low bail….and a smile.