Portland Oregon: An Enemy-Occupied City

Posted October 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Portland’s ooey-gooey liberal Mayor Ted Wheeler (Harvard MBA) has tried to make his city into a Sanctuary City.  But George Soros’s AntiFA goons came and occupied it,  – and now people live in fear.

The HARD LEFT will always take advantage of available cannon fodder – like the ooey-gooey soft left. video below the fold:

If once Wheeler ~ thought ~ he was making Portland ‘safe’ for illegal Mexicans,  – he’s turned his city into a combat zone,  and endangered his citizens.  There may be no way to save the city now – short of federal troops.

Portland is a 21st Century case study in the folly of liberal good intentions and what happens when civic leaders decide to ignore the oath they once took to UPHOLD our Constitution.

Portland has been experiencing nearly daily violence for months,  – it would almost seem that Soros is using the city as a basic training camp for his AntiFA goons,  – knowing that Mayor Wheeler is deeply sympathetic to the Liberal Cause – and will hold his police ~ somewhat ~ in check….

So if AntiFA hasn’t yet struck your town or city,…know they are still recruiting and training their cadres,  and the 2020 election cycle is almost 2 years away.

Watch that video again – the fat girl bullying those elderly drivers,  – and imagine that was your mother or father who’d just driven into that intersection and was being confronted.


Seen much of this on the MEDIA?   Why not?

Where the HELL is Jeff Sessions and the DOJ?

When Portland voters elected Wheeler,  – is THIS what they wanted?

Do you really think ‘Sanctuary City Status’ is the actual AntiFA objective?

7 Responses to “Portland Oregon: An Enemy-Occupied City”

  1. Panther 6

    This is getting totally out of control. If Antifa is getting uniformed and outfitted like this they must be stopped and it may not be pretty nor pleasant. Their goal is the overthrow of our elected government and replacing it with a Communist Socialist regime headed by the likes of Hillary or Corey or someone else of that ilk. IF Soros can be proven to be the source of this he should – at the least – be deported back to Hungary from whence he came.

  2. Sherox

    Socialism is the ultimate goal.

  3. Catherine

    Some group is going to get pissed off enough to get together a convoy to run them all down – that’s where this is headed.

    Not good. Not good at all. I see martial law coming for that city.

  4. Vic

    I think it is a testimony to the patience of the American people that we haven’t hosed these losers down with a Thompson yet.

  5. Walter Knight

    Leftist thugs have been shot in both Seattle and Portland. Granted, it’s rare, but law abiding citizens are armed in the Pacific Northwest. There will always be leftist rent-a-mobs.

  6. hddan

    They are going to underestimate one of their elderly victims. They will eventually try to assault someone that is carrying one of John Moses Browning’s masterpieces that is going to make them wonder what the loud BANG was and why they have a gaping hole in their chest with red liquid pouring out. What the hell do these goons really want? A second Demorat inspired shooting match like the one they started in 1861? They remind me of the cowardly animal rights activist that used to throw red paint on little old lady’s fur coats in Harvard Square. It’s funny, I never saw any of these “brave warriors” throwing any red paint on us leather wearing motorcyclists at a Biker Rally. If they really believed in their cause, wouldn’t they do that to show that they had the balls?

  7. Kojack

    The longer the “officials” and the true patriots wait to respond to the ANTIFA FASCISTS the bolder they will get. Guaranteed there will be violence and loss of life if the DEMOCRAPS lose big in the midterms.