Portland Burns Again! Your Town Is NEXT!

Posted April 11th, 2021 by Iron Mike

AMMO UP Folks!  It’s about to be a long,  hot,  ugly summer!

If you think we’re watching chaos along our Mexican Border,  – just watch what is about to happen across America’s big and small cities this summer.  The forces of George Soros – AntiFA and BLM have their flares and Molotovs ready,  – and with China Joe in the Oval Office,  – Governors and mayors are on their own.   Article 4, § 4 be DAMNED!

The triggering event will be the jury verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial underway in Minneapolis.  He’s the sacrificial police officer – and NO MATTER WHAT the jury finds,  – there will be nationwide rioting,  burning,  and looting.

China Joe will watch a little on TV,  – then take a nap while his handlers prepare a statement that says “White people are racists and have it coming to them…”.

This is the chaos and racial polarization that George Soros and others have been working to sow for decades.  They see it as the way to start a race war here where Communists will take over,   – take over a nation divided into six or seven new regional countries.

With Biden – then Harris – in the Oval Office fanning the flames,  and Merrick Garland keeping the DOJ / FBI in handcuffs,  – expect the chaos to last through the mid-term elections of 2022.

Only a massive – and overwhelming Republican sweep in 2022 can now save our Nation.  And the ballot thieves are already at work to prevent it.

Of course here at RRB we hope we’re totally wrong. 

We hope the Chauvin jury verdict is met with nationwide calm – even indifference,  – and that we go on to enjoy a peaceful summer,  – and the phase-out of the damned masks.

But STILL we advise you to have stocked up on a week or 10 days of canned food, – and enough ammo to safeguard your home and your neighbors.

And keep in mind that all this time China Joe is signing illegal Executive Orders which fly in the face of our Constitution.  He (his handlers) is using the manufactured crisis of COVID and our Southern Border,  – and soon the Chauvin Verdict,  – as cover for his treasonous evil.

Feeling sorry for the Citizens of Portland?

Don’t bother ! They’re mostly left-leaning Socialists and die-hard Commies,  – who brought this on themselves – by electing and then re-electing their mayor and city council.

They thought they were supporting the ghost of George Floyd by electing Jo Ann Hardesty.

They saw it as a “FUCK YOU!” statement to their police.  The cops took it that way and the force is down 20%….

Guess which group is hardest hit by the 1,900% increase in murders…?

That’s right – the poorest Black neighborhoods – where young black gangbangers are now shooting rivals in broad daylight.

It’s the same story in every Democrat-run city and town across our land.

And this past week China Joe and Merrick Garland were ranting about the evils of “Ghost Guns”.

Maybe they should be talking about “Ghost Dads”???

2 Responses to “Portland Burns Again! Your Town Is NEXT!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Ghost Dads

    A quick read of Fredrick Douglass reveals his take on stripping the Slave children from the mother at weening to sever the Bonds of Humanity

  2. Jim

    I say let it burn. Sayonara, baby.