Poor Nike: Bad Decisions Mounting Up

Posted August 3rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Gee, a BILLION here,  – $40 Million over there,…and Kaepernick still isn’t throwing footballs…   Did Nike make some terrible business decisions?

Maybe they should have used that Billion $$$ to buy Kaepernick his own NFL team…?

NOTE THE DATE FOLKS!!!  Just last week Nike agreed to pay BLM Blackmail – to the tune of $40 Million (not to burn their stores?),…..

– and today – the following Monday – they announce they’re “laying off” 500 employees.  Will those be their White employees?

Do they have their own Executive Vice President of Systemic Stupidity?  Or can John Donahoe cover this one by himself?

The next Nike stockholder meeting should be interesting!


UPDATE:  Wed, 5 Aug 2020  As if Nike wasn’t already dealing with enough bad press,  – a group of their OWN EMPLOYEES – tasked with making recommendations about racial issues inside Nike – just objected to a new TV Ad…and went public.

Will they see their names atop the list of 500…?

One Response to “Poor Nike: Bad Decisions Mounting Up”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    I remember well the day Nike announced its business association with Kaepernick….
    I went to my closet, collected every article of clothing that bore a “Swoosh”, and put it all in the trash.

    Now, this hurt. It hurt because not only did I not do the generous, socially responsible thing and place all that serviceable clothing in a recycle bin, but the stuff cost me a lot of dough in the first place!!!