Pondering Trump’s Troubling Maneuvers

Posted December 20th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The news Wednesday was enough to make a Conservative turn to drink,…

…the Syria pullout,  the Bump Stock Decision,  and Trump’s apparent cave on a government shutdown for Christmas.  I needed to think:


SYRIA:  Is Trump avoiding a prolonged quagmire?

There are no good answers for Syria,  – for Iraq,  – for Turkey,  – or for any other country in the Middle East,  and most Liberals refuse to study the History or acknowledge how much they don’t know.

First,  the national boundaries were drawn at the Treaty of Versailles – by Europeans with ZERO knowledge of the land and the people. The ONLY issue they were considering was dividing up the spoils of Ottoman Empire among themselves – without appearing to be too greedy.

There was ZERO consideration of religious, tribal, or cultural differences,  – or of ancient grudges and hatreds.

Like American politicians in 2018,  the pompous suits sitting in Versailles in 1919 were either unaware of,  or unable to explain the differences between Sunni and Shia Muslims.  And they sure didn’t care!

So Trump is looking at Syria today – being fought over by the Assad family, the Kurds, the so-called “good Syrian rebels”, the remnants of ISIS, the Turks, the Russians, and the Iranians…. Count the players: I got 7….

The Assad family wants to remain in power. Losing means a firing squad.

The Kurds want a homeland,  and the Turks will gleefully kill every last one of them to prevent it.

Russia wants a naval base,  an airbase,  and maybe a desert maneuver training area…

ISIS still dream of a Caliphate which will sanction their mass rape of every girl and woman they can find – in the name of Allah.

The Iranians want to surround their two sworn enemies, the Israelis and the Saudis. They’re already operating openly in Iran and Yemen.  Slowly they are developing military leaders with fresh combat experience.

From Trump’s perspective,  – if the Saudis want to keep their kingdom,  they should already have troops doing the heavy lifting across Iraq and Syria,  – using their manpower and their wealth to stabilize the region,  – and giving their own troops and officers combat seasoning – while carefully weeding out the inept and unworthy – before Iran brings the fight to Mecca and Medina.

In short – it is a region of only BAD CHOICES,  and unlike 1990 when Saddam invaded Kuwait, – we have no need of Middle East oil.  America has become an energy EXPORTER – thanks to Trump.

Banning Bump Stocks

Within hours of Trump’s announcement – the social media was alive with gun owners,  – many friends of mine – declaring that Trump would now be a 1-term president.

As a fierce and long-time defender of the 2nd Amendment,  – I too was a little shocked by the decision – made without consultation or explanation to his most ardent supporters.

But having owned guns since I was nine,  – I never understood the fascination some people had for bump stocks.  To me it has always seemed like a codpiece for a firearm.

Trump knows that very few will be surrendered.  Most will be hidden away for that terrible SHTF Day,  – and they will continue to be made and sold on the QT.

So in the end Trump’s edict seems both meaningless and annoying,  – a needless bow to the Left which will make no street – no home – and no bank lobby safer.

BUT:  Where jurisdiction after jurisdiction, state-after-state are trying to BAN the AR-15 and AK-47 semi-automatic rifles (by calling them ‘Assault Weapons’),  – Trump’s edict seems like a reasonable accommodation to “Public Safety” – without touching our basic right to own ARs and AKs…


The Wall Funding vs a Christmas Shutdown

This is where Trump could lose supporters.  He was elected CHIFLY to get the damned wall BUILT!

Democrats want open borders,  but American Patriots want the WALL UP,  well guarded,  and an end to the flow of Mexicans,  OTMs,  and drugs.

If Trump’s plan is to go along with a 90-day CR,  then go for a shutdown or WALL standoff at Tax Time,  – he’ll need to explain himself very clearly and very steadfastly during his 2019 SOTU Address in January.

Right now it looks like he caved in,  – and I don’t believe that’s really the case.

But any signs of weakness on his part will encourage Pelosi and Schumer,  – not to mention the NorKs, the Chinese, the Russians, and the Iranians.

Too much is riding on getting that WALL UP!

Frankly – if Trump caves on this,  – America may never elect another Republican or Conservative president,  – and may well descend into civil chaos and another civil war along ethnic lines.  We need the stability a WALL will bring.

5 Responses to “Pondering Trump’s Troubling Maneuvers”

  1. Kojack

    “……it is a region of only BAD CHOICES……”

    Not only are there only bad choices, it has nothing that the CIVILIZED world needs. Now we need to have a MASSIVE SURGE in Afghanistan, flatten the Taliban and get out of there and Iraq too.

    “…..unlike 1990 when Saddam invaded Kuwait, – we have no need of Middle East oil.  America has become an energy EXPORTER – thanks to PRESIDENT TRUMP……”

    Even in 1990 we weren’t tapping all of our potential such as ANWAR and even today we don’t drill off either coast. The Saudi’s should have been made to pony-up and deal with Saddam themselves.

  2. hddan

    Davey Crocket and the Whigs broke ranks with Andrew Jackson and his Democrats over the Indian relocation Act. The Republican party was founded by anti slavery Whigs and the Whigs went out of business. We are at the same crossroads with the Republican Party. Half of them are RINO sellouts that are NOT doing what they were elected to do. Ryan and McConnell are shameless appeasers. It is time for a true conservative Constitutional Party to break ranks with the sellout Republicans. I am disgusted with those sellouts.If something like that doesn’t happen, I believe we truly are headed down the road to Civil War part deaux.

  3. Vic

    I’m with you on this Mike – I believe it was only a matter of time before bump stocks were put in the same category as the now-illegal auto seers you used to be able to get in the ’70’s. I believe the Pres. has a plan.

  4. Panther 6

    Agree, we must have a wall and Trump should not back off that!

    As for Syria, I am not sure pulling out is the right decision at this moment. Taking some time to let all the flak settle and reassessing that decision may be the correct move. Hate to leave the Russians, Iranians and Bashar Al Assad calling the tune in eastern Syria and on Israel’s northern border.

  5. Walter Knight

    A little known secret is that the ‘Wall’ doesn’t cost 5 billion dollars. A ‘Wall’ as explained by Trump during the campaign is a barrier between the US and Mexico. As promised, a “Wall’ is being built staring in the populated areas first. You can see pictures of it. A less expensive fence will do in rural areas.

    ISIS mop-up continues by local forces better equipped to deal with ISIS fugitives than American soldiers. We are not the Arab’s police. ISIS terrorists are being arrested and sentenced very efficiently without us. Their victims remember ISIS atrocities, and a blood feud will continue until the last ISIS is executed. Did anyone think America was going to police the Middle-East forever?

    As for General Mathis, he did a good job, but its never a good idea to burn your bridges after you leave. The good news is he will be retired just in time for the planting season on his farm. Good job, but everyone can be replaced.

    I do feel the Kurds need their own independent homeland, but that is not going to happen. The Kurds will need to work with Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. Short of a forced regime changes in Turkey and Iran, the Kurds can only hope for autonomous areas in Iraq and Syria allied to the central governments.

    Bump-stocks? What’s a bump-stock? It’s a non-issue created by liberals hoping to divide conservatives.

    Feigned liberal outrage on all these issues is just a media stunt, that fades as the next issue is created.