Pompous Obama Fails To Impress

Posted September 8th, 2011 by Iron Mike

The old magic is gone. Even sour-puss Michelle wasn’t clapping.  Sitting with union goon Richard Trumpka [whose Longshoremen had vandalized a freight yard in Washington today] and GE job shipper Jeffrey Immelt, she scowled throughout the speech. It will be another frosty night upstairs in the WH tonight.

Obama could have been conciliatory. He could have admitted his ‘Stimulus’ didn’t work. He could have asked for help. He didn’t.  It’s not in the DNA of a narcissist.

Instead he demanded, he insisted, he mocked, and he did some name-calling. He was anything but presidential. He was Lame Duck Walking!

Tonight I watched a physically exhausted and beaten man attempting to play one last quarter of hoop.

He was repackaging all the old socialist gimmicks into something he calls the “American Jobs Act”. He wants – no, he demands – that Congress pass it immediately; – “Right away!”

Among other things I heard in this bottle of snake oil tonight was:

  –  “Provide a jolt…

  –  roads and bridges | construction workers

  –  35,000 schools

  –  put [union] teachers back in the classroom

  –  help companies hire veterans

  –  extend unemployment by another full year

  –  middle class tax extension

  –  payroll tax for small companies cut in half

  –  stabilize our debt [???!?]

  –  wealthiest to pay their fair share [class warfare]

  –  reform Medicare

  –  ease government regulations for business

  –  ensure ‘everybody gets their fair share’ [???]

  –  we won’t jeopardize EPA and safety standards

ONE CATCH: He doesn’t have a written plan yet. The dog ate his homework?

AND YET, somehow the unconstitutional super-committee is charged with finding $447 Billion in ‘additional savings‘ [like what – two aircraft carriers?] to pay for it.

I don’t know about you, but with Lurch on that ‘super-committee’ I figure the only way they’ll find savings is to have our aircraft carriers built in New Zealand.

Even at under 35 minutes – the speech and the delivery dragged painfully. We could not help but notice Michelle Obama turn on her heels and stalk out of the balcony even before Barack shook 20 hands. I suspect that ZerO is getting Zee-RO tonight.

So he’ll go fly around the country and make more speeches – always blaming Republicans and his new favorite enemy – the TEA Parties. Blame is always the first crutch of the narcissist.

God help this country hang in until January 20th 2013!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Friday afternoon update:  The Markets were so UNimpressed the DOW dropped 303.68 points / – 2.69%  Now that’s ‘Change‘!

3 Responses to “Pompous Obama Fails To Impress”

  1. Rabid Republican

    How pathetic this is. There’s nothing really new. His only different idea was to cut the payroll tax for small employers in half. Now, who doesn’t think that this will cause many workers to quit their jobs at big employers and migrate to small employers. During this massive transition, anyone unemployed won’t be finding a job.

    And, if he really believed in his ability to create jobs, why would he be extending unemployment beyond the bloated 99 weeks already being paid out? 99 weeks! It’s because he doesn’t believe. He’s just stalling with programs through the election cycle.


  2. Kathy

    The only thing he forgot was his pom-poms!

  3. Karen G

    My favorite line was when he mentioned the high-speed (and deadly) Chinese bullet trains as something we should envy…if it weren’t so bad, it would almost be funny.