Polls Show Good / Bad News For USA

Posted August 12th, 2010 by Iron Mike


Pollsters differ in their political leanings and their methodology.  But well into his 19th month as pResident,  Obama’s numbers are dropping.  That’s the good news for America.

But his hard-core base of support seems to have leveled out between 41% and 47% [see charts], and that’s the BAD NEWS for America.

These Obama supporters are testament to the hard work of America’ Progressive / Socialist school teachers over the past 40 years.  These 40+% are STILL expecting the US Govt to give them a comfortable living as a “right” – just for being here, – no matter if they arrived legally or not.  Eight percent (8%) of babies born here are born to illegals.

Many of these pro-Obama voters are solidly in the Obama Cult.  Most haven’t a CLUE who their state reps or their Congressman/woman is.  They probably don’t even realize he uses his best friends – his teleprompters – at every speech.  But they’re still feeling empowered because finally they have a president who is a person of color.  They identify with him.  Many more see a Democrat administration as guaranteeing their union paychecks.  And frankly, these numbers include some unabashed hard-core world socialists

These are the very voters that the Liberals are targeting with government bailouts, “stimulus” bills, and special entitlements.  These are the voters who have come to believe that their Messiah will spread the wealth around – to them.  This October, and again in October 2012, they’ll be told “just one more vote for the Democrats, and the free stuff will be yours”.

One Election Cycle Will NOT Save The USA!

This November 2nd and November 6th 2012 are BOTH critical for the survival of our Federal Republic.  But if we want to stop going through this ‘stuff’ every decade,  we have to get the socialists out of our school systems and our town halls.  Responsible Conservatives must step up, run for local offices, and make sure that only worthy teachers and administrators are hired.  

Two full generations on younger voters are going to have to experience a painful awakening as they realize that Government is NOT the answer to their every whim, want, and woe.  

And old-time Democrats will have to face the fact that the party they once knew has vanished.  It’s has been taken over by the Cult of O.  

Meanwhile the Cult [aka the Soros-Obama Cartel] is running our country into bankruptcy,  ignoring illegal immigration,  ruining our foreign alliances,  and buying votes with your grandchildren’s credit card.  There’s only one way to stop that – sweep them out!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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