Pity The Seasick Iranian Sailors

Posted June 10th, 2021 by Iron Mike

These poor Twelvers are on a Mission from Hell,  sailing around Cape Horn from the Indian to the South Atlantic Ocean, “escorting” IRINS Makran,  – likely enroute to deliver fast attack boats to Venezuela. 

The 311 foot 8 inch IRIS Sahand is an Iranian-built ship – built to replace one we sunk in 1988.

The waters of the South Atlantic are notoriously rough – seldom see a calm sea.

This little boat was built for operating in the calm waters of the Persian Gulf;  now the South Atlantic is testing steel and crew.

The ship they’re “escorting” is the IRINS Makran (441),  a converted tanker,  easily able to sail smoothly through the rough waters of the South Atlantic.   

She is also their only source of fuel out there,  so they’ll need to do some serious close-in sailing to accomplish an underway refueling operation.

The US has told various nation not to let these two ships come into their waters or ports,  – only Cuba and Venezuela are likely to welcome them.

This entire misadventure brought to you by Biden-Harris 2020, “Specializing in International Incompetence!”


Imagine conditions on that Light Frigate – where the sailors don’t even have (don’t use) toilet paper….

3 Responses to “Pity The Seasick Iranian Sailors”

  1. Jim Buba

    Just in time, maybe, for Hurricane Season

  2. jim ettwein

    Been there, done that. Refueling at sea was always interesting. I have some pics of our bow diving into the sea, up to the 02 deck, near the bridge. Re-arming at sea was also dicey. And, there were two occasions where we had to transfer someone to the large ship (usually a carrier, oiler, or cruiser) for medical attention. This transfer was done via Boatswain’s Chair… dangling from a small rope (rope is always metal, hemp stuff is called line.)

  3. jim ettwein

    And, if we wanted to get rid of these guys, and we had a President who was looking out for America’s interests, we could take this ship out in minutes. Just sayin’