Pity Poor Eric Holder!

Posted August 18th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Obama has ordered his Cartel hit-goon to Ferguson. Holder has to travel back to the ‘hood, – to face hostile Black Folks who will be both totally unimpressed with who he is, – and who will mock him to his face!Eric Holder in Ferguson
Holder isn’t looking to ensure “Justice”, – he’s looking to SHORE UP Obama’s Black voter base.

Not to sound crude, but many of Ferguson’s Black folks will look at him as ‘an Oreo‘, – or worse – as Obama’s ‘house n*gg*r’.

These ‘protestors’ and looters want street justice – they want to see Officer Darren Wilson lynched, – or as an absolute minimum, – held in jail without bail.  Anything and everything Holder says in this environment will have a prejudicial effect on both a future grand jury and a future trial jury.

And should a Missouri grand jury or a trial jury exonerate Wilson, – you can expect two more weeks of riots, – unless it’s the middle of January.

Right now Holder doesn’t care; – he’s already planning to try Wilson in a federal court for violating Michael Brown’s Civil Rights, – regardless of the facts. For the next two years – leading up to the 2016 elections – you’ll watch the Holder Railroad going full steam ahead. Justice be DAMNED!

No dead Black teen in Boston, Philly, DC, Baltimore, Saint Louis, Chicago, Detroit, or Los Angeles will ever receive the level of attention that Michael Brown is about to get.   Funny how that works.

6 Responses to “Pity Poor Eric Holder!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    As the small print says, the black on black murder, drive bys and daily violence is out of control in the hoods of the urban centres of Boston, NYC, Newark, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc, etc, but you never see the DOJ or Obama’s chief sheriff involved in any of those cites, he never even mentions them. It’s all about him and he picks and chooses where he wants to interfear.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Given that Holder refused to prosecute the black panthers in Philadelphia back in 2008’s election, do we really expect him to do Anything that matters?

    How does one email you, Mike?

  3. Hawk1776

    I don’t get it. Even Fox News continues to call these people “protesters”. I see them as looters, rioters and anarchists. They need to be dealt with swiftly and thoroughly. My expectation is that activist Attorney General won’t anything to improve the situation in Ferguson.

  4. Jim Gettens

    Gee, and we all thought the corrupt, lying, no-good SOB was too busy withholding documents and other evidence, subverting the rule of law, and otherwise perverting justice in the ‘Fast and Furious’ Gunrunning; Federal Subsidies to Favored Incompetent/Bankrupt “Green” Energy Companies; Illegal Wiretapping of Reporters and Newsrooms; Benghazi Murders; IRS-Lois Lerner Conservatives-Targeting; Illegal and Unconstitutional NSA, FBI, DHS, DEA, etc., Domestic Spying; CIA Hacking of Senate Computers and CIA Director Brennan Lying About It; Illegal Immigrant Influx; ObamaCare Implementation;… and a host of other scandals and cover-ups.

  5. MC

    Over 40 FBI agents were sent to Ferguson to investigate. They are going door to door. “It sends a message that the federal government is concerned and …” Wonder if they will be going to Chicago next? !!

    How many were sent to Benghazi weeks later. I would make a bet it wasn’t 40. Obama is going to stay in town for a couple days of his vacation huddling with advisers. More likely trying to figure out how to push illegal immigration into our pockets. I am waiting for the entry level employees to figure out that the illegals will be taking their jobs.
    Then things will get interesting.

  6. Walter Knight

    I’m seeing news reports that Officer Wilson suffered a shattered eye socket from being attacked by the ‘gentle giant.’ I expect Holder to ignore evidence that doesn’t suit his politics.