Piper Brothers Trigger Houston Snowflakes

Posted January 6th, 2022 by Iron Mike

Democraps in Houston Texas have been driven apoplectic over the sign outside Preslee’s Southern Good Cooking.

We guess they’re OK with the hordes of illegals that China Joe Biden is encouraging to pour across their southern border from Mexico…

Democraps are such complete hypocrites;  – they ignore Biden’s year of utter failures (gas prices – Afghanistan – inflation – Covid surging – open southern border),  – but a sign mocking Nancy Pelosi is considered “misogynist”.

They’re DEMANDING it be taken down.   (You’d think it was a painting of the Baby Jesus in the Manger…)

Preslee’s is the 2019 flagship of three establishments owned by brothers Brandon (yes,  Brandon) and Justin Piper in Houston.   They say business has never been better.

1430 West 19th Street,   Houston,  TX  77008

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