Pioneers In The Next Crusade?

Posted May 12th, 2013 by Iron Mike

MiklesAre Behavioral Specialist Stephanie Mikles and her partner leading the way into the 21st Century, – or is there a just severe shortage of eligible young men in Maryland?
How do you show your face in public after this?

Seems a video surfaced [they always seem to these days], at Christmas time. It was from August 2008. Stephanie Waldreck Mikles and her friend were being ‘too friendly’. Cops took her to court – she’s free for the moment on $5K bail, – probably looking for a lawyer who can keep a straight face…

And she’s not working – for the moment – at her day job – Behavioral Specialist for the Harford Country Maryland Public School System.

It seems she and Rex are still living together… Is this the next cause – after Gay Marriage,  – Animal Marriage?  Will Rex need an attorney too?

So just imagine that you are the parents of one of the Special Needs kids Ms. Mikles has been working with over these past few years… Do you feel betrayed?
OK, now that you’ve enjoyed the sleazy story – read some of the more serious ones!


4 Responses to “Pioneers In The Next Crusade?”

  1. Tom

    It was just a matter of time and what better state than Maryland for the next definition of the word “marriage”, we have real marriage between a man and woman, gay marriage, transgender marriage and now, finally we have hum-animal marriage. What is next “marriage” between a “human” and an inanimate object?

  2. Casey Chapman

    This is exactly what gay marriage opponents(like me) have been predicting all along. Next thing you know, polygamous marriages will be legalized.

  3. Walter Knight

    I guess this gives new meaning to the words ‘doggy style.’

    I don’t know. Ten years seems kind of steep. The penalty should be less for women. I see a double standard. If it was a guy, in the Middle East, and I’m talking goats, it would be legal. So, what’s the harm?

  4. Walter Knight

    Happy Mother’s Day.