PINO… The party in name only.

Posted January 22nd, 2013 by Jim Ettwein

Gardner 1

Last night Iron Mike and I went to cover the Massachusetts GOP Chairman Candidate Forum in Gardner.  We braved the snow… and arrived at Williams Restaurant greeted by Kirsten’s loyal following.  They looked a lot like Scott Brown’s loyal following.  And as numerous as well.

I’m going to keep this brief, as Iron Mike did an excellent job covering the previous event in painful detail.  Jon Golnik was the moderator and did a superb job posing previously submitted questions to each candidate in turn, while keeping the meeting on schedule.

Gardner 2After nearly an hour of verbal give-and-take the choice seemed obvious.  Rick Green answered each question freshly, with well thought out plans and objectives.  Kirsten Hughes, however, answered many of the questions with the same answer.  Time and time again.  It was painful to hear.  Here was someone, running to change the party direction, pushing the same old tired agenda that got us to obscurity in the first place.

Deer in the Headlights?

Deer in the Headlights?

Rick Green spoke of his experience starting up the MFA (Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance  (including funding and organization), starting up his own company when others said it wouldn’t be possible, and very clearly demonstrated his vision for the future of the MassGOP.  Ms. Hughes talked about “Unity Summits” reminiscent of those times, you remember them, at summer camp when all would gather round the campfire and sing “Kumbiya”.  Sorry, Kirsten.  We don’t need a Campfire Girl… we need a leader.  Go have some S’Mores… we’ve had enough.

To anyone who attended last night’s meeting it should be very obvious that Rick Green is the future of the GOP in Massachusetts.  If you are considering voting for Kirsten Hughes you must believe that being stuck in the same rut is a good policy.  Don’t get stuck in a rut.  rr

3 Responses to “PINO… The party in name only.”

  1. Iron Mike

    Rick Green came to speak to the Northborough Tea party tonight RR, and he discovered how different they are from the RTCs he’s been meeting.

    They gave him a stiff grilling – and let him know what they think of recent ‘Republican’ candidates – including Scott Brown.

    He handled himself pretty well, made some friends. Ms. Hughes was unable to attend.

  2. Time For Change

    I heard he did pretty well too. He stuck to the same line thing he said to MARA: His job as chair is not to dictate the party’s positions. But we know that the conservatives will get a fair shake under Green. We certainly know that won’t happen under Hughes is has been using all of Obama’s talking points for months.

  3. Cliff Nicholson

    I must concur with Mike. I believe that at this time, Rick Green is the person who can best lead the party. He committed to spending at least 6 years as Chairman if the party so desires. Continuity in leadership is important as it is unproductive to reinvent the wheel with each new election cycle.