Pink Baseball Bats In Charlottesville

Posted August 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

There was a funeral service Wednesday for Heather Heyer, – the woman run down by James Alex Fields Jr.   It looks like the AntiFA sent their Butch Patrol – armed with pink baseball bats and purple shields,…as an honor guard…?

Beyond the stupidity of exacerbating already raw political nerves,  – contemplate the ability of this group to come up with matching helmets on such short notice.  Do you think there is professional organization behind this AntiFA violence?

Just who did these ‘ladies’ think they’d be swinging their bats at?   Did they think of the legal consequences?

They certainly were making a very public statement about being willing to unleash violence in the public square – without even waiting for law enforcement to arrive.

Yet you’re being told somehow that this is Trump’s fault?

WAKE UP FOLKS!    This year of violence and civil unrest has been in the planning stages since before Occupy Wall Street.  They ~ assumed ~ Hillary would be president now,  – and that they could easily escalate the violence to shut down major cities.

They expected her to go along with Martial Law!

Why do you think they’re so pissed that Trump won?

Do you remember who learned this evil as a teenage boy in Hungary – and said his time working for the Nazis was the happiest time of his life?

If these useful idiots had a CLUE,  – they’d be swinging their bats on HIS head!

5 Responses to “Pink Baseball Bats In Charlottesville”

  1. Catherine

    Please don’t call them ‘ladies’ – even in quotes. Females is a sufficient identifier.

    Unless you want to poke fun at them and use their (most likely; they seem to fit the demographic) preferred, invented, term ‘womyn’ which is so dumb it always makes me smirk.


    How about ‘Things’,…or ‘Thyngs’…? Because they ~ might ~ have Thyngs…

  2. MC

    I can think of a better word to call those thyngs of female gender but it is just one of those words a lady wouldn’t think of voicing outloud— BUT for those I might make an exception !

  3. Paul J Baldi

    Hi Mike
    Please clear something for me. Is does the term “ANTIFA”
    refer to Anti-Facism or Anti First Amendment? Their proponents
    seem to be capable of doing both. The Nazi SA thugs also wore
    “uniforms” and went around armed with heavy sticks, ready to
    beat up anyone whom they deemed a socialist or communist or a
    homosexual. Can’t help but notice the similarities here.


    The Anti-FA or Antifa is a loose movement of many smaller groups – all hard leftist – who adopted the name and sometimes the logo from early 20th Century European movements (who WERE anti-Fascists).

    However the modern American AntiFA are IN FACT full-fledged fascists themselves – using the EXACT tactics as did Mussolini, Hitler, and Lenin.

    The ones in the streets are the useful idiots – they don’t know enough History to understand how they’re being used as George Soros’ cannon fodder – expendable bodies flung onto the barbed wire.

    AntiFA LOGO

  4. Marc

    I’ve often wondered how much feminism could be cured through weight control and better attention to personal hygiene. When I look at these “women” I see a bunch of homely gals who have been shunned by men all their lives…

  5. Panther 6

    Unreal in appearance and unreal in mental state. Marc is right, these whatever they are have it in for anyone who looks normal. What has happened to our country?