Pimp WINS; Love-Gov LOSES

Posted June 13th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It would be foolish to draw sweeping conclusions,  but the results of two primary elections are worth noting.

In Nevada a colorful pro-Trump brothel owner won his primary for the State Legislature over a 2-term Republican.  In South Carolina a constant Trump critic lost to a newcomer!

Mark Sanford has been around awhile,  first elected to the US House in 1994,  – then as Governor of SC in 2002.

But his wild and highly public affair with Argentinian beauty Maria Belen Chapur caused him to resign,  and his wife Jenny filed for a divorce.  She is the mother of his 4 sons.

South Carolina voters gave Mark a second chance – re-electing to his old House seat in 2013 when Tim Scott was named by then-Governor Nikki Haley to replace the retiring Jim De Mint.  In that special election Sanford won 54% against late-nite comic Steven Colbert’s sister.   He was unopposed in 2014,   and won by 58% in 2016.

But he became a pretty public critic of Trump’s style, – often seeming to oppose him on style rather than substance. He was vocal in opposing Trump’s Muslim immigration ban.  Trump noticed, – called him “unhelpful” and “…nothing but trouble”.

Now Sanford will have time to rekindle his romance with Chapur,  – who called off their ‘engagement’ amid the flurry of the ugly divorce proceedings.

Meanwhile out in Nevada, Dennis Hof – owner of the Bunny Ranch,  just won his primary contest to run in November for the Nevada Legislature.  He made no secret of his pro-Trump leanings.

Maybe the RiNOs and RepubliCRATS across the nation should be paying attention to how VOTERS feel…?

5 Responses to “Pimp WINS; Love-Gov LOSES”

  1. Panther 6

    Interesting blog and agree it may be a little hasty to draw to many conclusions but these events may cause the demorats to re look the BLUE WAVE prediction; especially in light of Mr. Trumps success in Korea. One might make the observation that Hof and Sanford both made their own beds and now must lie in them. Pun intended more for Sanford but it could be equally true for Hof with a smile. At this point being a Trump supporter appears to be a winner.

  2. Walter Knight

    I love Nevada, where the waves are sand.

  3. Catherine

    Mike, as an old soldier you should well know that when your opponents are weakening their own positions, stand back and LET them! Let call “blue wave” until they are blue in the face. Complacent left wing ninnies will stay home, sure of victory. Patriots will swarm the polls, intent to stop them.

  4. Iron Mike

    You have to wonder what Sanford was thinking after the voters gave him a second chance. He BLEW it!

    If he’d been nicer (smarter) he could have ended up as Ambassador to Argentina.

  5. Kojack

    Mitt Romney(of all people) said that Trump will win a 2nd term in a land slide. I’m confident the Republicans will maintain control of both the House and the Senate, I just hope the voters will replace the RiNO’s with pro-Trump reps this November and they increase their majority.