Phony Scandals? Or Phony pResident?

Posted July 26th, 2013 by Iron Mike

In recent days Mister Obama rants that the GOP [he means House Republicans] aredistracting America from the problems at hand – with a series of  phony scandals.
Phony Scandals

     I wonder…exactly what Obama would consider a  
REAL scandal?

7 Responses to “Phony Scandals? Or Phony pResident?”

  1. Jim Gettens

    And Hillary Rodham Clinton, the pathologically lying BITCH OF BENGHAZI, is in the on-deck circle for 2016…

  2. Varvara

    Does anyone in this world believe that losing a son is a phony scandal? Watching a mother talk about her son dying because no one came to help and Hillary saying “Who cares, it was a long time ago?” is heartbreaking. This mother will not have grandchildren, nor will she ever have her son call and ask how she’s doing……

    I am not being distracted by these phony scandals, I am still waiting for answers.

    What problems at hand? Perhaps he means the ones he has created.

  3. Tom

    The origin of the word “scandal”, is the Greek word skandalon which is probably what Obama was referring to. The definition is that it is a “stumbling block”. Just about everything to him is a stumbling block and no big deal. The low information voters believe this because the media has brainwashed them.

  4. Casey Chapman

    It’s not the scandals that are phony. It’s the pretense that he gives a rat’s backside about the Constitution.

  5. Varvara

    I can think of another Greek word that expresses my feeling about this administration; it also starts out sk____

  6. Sam Adams

    We can’t allow oursleves to be discouraged by a leaderless GOP in all of this, but we must make our voices heard by all. The RINOs are lining themselves up for 2016. They cannot be allowed to win a primary or we’ll be stuck with Witch Hazel.

  7. Hawk1776

    Obama has made a practice out of doing one thing and describing it as something else. Does anyone believe he has Israel’s back? Unfortunately the press lets him get away with it time after time after time. Obama will say there are no scandals with great conviction until everyone believes him. Ronald Reagan was described as the “Teflon man” but Obama makes Regan look like fly paper. It’s almost as though our President operates in an alternate universe. He is a master puppeteer who is not encumbered by reality or the truth.