Peter Strzok: Ringleader Or Convenient Tool?

Posted July 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Was arrogant self-promoting Peter Strzok just too convenient and too willing a useful tool (idiot) for the Clinton-Obama-Soros Cabal?

I’ve spent a day thinking about Thursday’s shit-show in Congress,  – the testimony of a cornered rat wondering who will show up first,  – the FBI with handcuffs,  – or one of the Clinton’s hit men… “Arrogance doth go before a fall…”.

It’s pretty clear there was a cabal of left-wing insiders at the top ranks of the DOJ and the FBI, – working overtime to erase,  evaporate,  or exonerate Hillary’s myriad of crimes during her years as SecState.

Each expected rewards:  Obama wanted the UN,  Lynch the Supreme Court,  Yates a judgeship,  Comey the DOJ,  and McCabe the FBI.

They ignored,  destroyed,  or tampered with evidence and witnesses so successfully that they likely managed to keep the Clintons out of prison.

Thank GOD they couldn’t fool the American voters  – who saw through and past these dirty cops and fully understood what an evil and incompetent scuzzbag Hillary has always been.

So for your consideration two videos that dissect both Strzok and Rosenstein,  – and which show the new FBI Director Christopher Wray in an unflattering light.

What is painfully clear now to me, – (and to Strzok himself…? ) is that in 2016 he expected a big promotion – a reward for shielding Hillary.

Not only did that NEVER HAPPEN,  – but with both McCabe and Comey fired,  – he’s been left to hang out and twist in the wind.

Mandy Bombard has two videos – – be aware the Left – including the mass media and social media – hate her for her work in exposing liars.



The election of Donald Trump did not solve our Nation’s problems,  – it just bought us a little time to help him drain the swamp.   He will need a second term.

If you’ve already disengaged from daily politics,  – you’re part of the problem;  – and you’re enabling the Socialists to take over our Young Republic.

3 Responses to “Peter Strzok: Ringleader Or Convenient Tool?”

  1. Vic

    Wonder if Strzok’s expression would be as defiant in front of a firing squad?

  2. Vince

    I would love to get this guy (Strzok) alone so I can punch that arrogant smirk off his face….


    Guys like him Vince – without his badge, gun, and back-up – would pee in his pants just seeing you coming!

  3. Leonard Mead

    Strzok still doesn’t recognize there is another REAL world outside his FBI bubble.
    He KNOWS Trump shouldn’t have won.
    He KNOWS Hillary should have won.
    He’s STILL hoping the fake golden shower investigation will somehow be grounds to impeach Trump.

    Reality WILL COME soon, however. It will involve a “gated community,” but not a pleasant one.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative