Peter Strzok Disgraced The FBI Today

Posted July 12th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Well,…it seems he’s been doing it for years….

He smirked,  he squirmed,  he showed anger,  – but mostly he showed utter contempt for his FBI associates, for Congress,  and for the American People.   He did NOT show any remorse.

If this agent is the ‘best’ the FBI had in the field of counter-intelligence,  – it becomes painfully obvious why Russian and Chinese agents operate inside the USA with such impunity,  – and with such success.

He walked in like a strutting popinjay,  – and his smug demeanor never changed.

Beyond his in-house love affair,  – beyond his unprofessional texts and emails,  – beyond his obvious pro-Hillary / anti-Trump bias,  – his dereliction of duty in the Hillary email case and the Weiner laptop case should be enough for Director Wray to fire him,…maybe even charge him with evidence tampering.

Somebody at the FBI must have been watching today,  and realized how bad Strzok’s behavior was making the Bureau look,  – because in the final minutes they texted him instructions that he COULD answer that the FBI had gotten one copy of the Steele Dossier from Bruce Ohr.

Sadly Folks,  Strzok and Page,  – and Andy McCabe…are all just the tip of the iceberg – just the very edge of the Swamp.

It wasn’t the Russians we had to worry about,  – it was our OWN FBI!

Somewhere there are good and worthy FBI agents,  – and they should rise up and clean out the executive offices,  – run the bureaucrats out into the streets.

6 Responses to “Peter Strzok Disgraced The FBI Today”

  1. FLICK

    Incompetent Jim Comey. Contemptuous Lisa Page. And now arrogant Peter Strzok. This is what I’m paying for to fight crime at MY FBI?

    Among the smirking, the Jack Nicholson-esque look and his F.U. attitude I don’t know how Trey Gowdy kept his cool.

    I had to walk away from the coverage for the sake of my blood pressure.

  2. Walter Knight

    When people like Strzok think they’re smart, they get ground up into little bits.

  3. Mt Woman

    Was in my car almost all day listening to Peter Strzok give his testimony. It seemed that the Republicsns couldn’t land a punch while the Democrats were praising and applauding his heroics. When I finally got home I caught late day testimony and saw the this POS with the smarmy smirk, talking about, among other things, the smelly Trump voters at the local Wallmart. He is truly an ugly man without conscience or deserving respect. He should be fired and pension pulled.

  4. integrity 1st

    But how does the left see it?

    “Those who forget the lessons of televised congressional hearings are doomed to repeat them, which is why the morning segment of the Capitol Hill show trial of veteran FBI agent and former head of the Bureau’s Counterespionage division Peter Strzok turned into a disaster for Republicans.
    Donald Trump’s congressional enablers, sycophants, and political suck-ups wanted a punching bag, but Strzok instead delivered one of the rarest of moments:

  5. Jim Buba

    Strzok Down!

    Behind the Invisible Curtain, you must recall the 1960s.


    All of this is all of that and all of that was the stuff of which McCarthy and Skoussen had warned.

    Those on the Right, stand up and pay attention. Those on the Left, your mound of sand is still warm.

  6. Panther 6

    The never Trumpers will love him and remain certain that PS is pure as the driven snow. I watched and found him to be a lying little snit who should be fired, tarred and feathered and run out of D.C. But that won’t happen.