Pervert ALERT In Taunton

Posted September 25th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Taunton BEWARE!!

Hide your young men, and your fat chicks! 

Two world-noClass slime-balls are coming town Sunday, looking for…votes!

Bill “Good Hands” Clinton is coming to Taunton to campaign for slime-ball Congressional Crook Barney Frank

How bad are you doing in your private polling when you call on an impeached president to come lend ‘credibility’ to the campaign of the congressman most totally identified with the implosion of the housing market and the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, – caused by 20 years of forcing banks to make bad loans?

Understand the series of events.   Barney Frank wrote a series of laws which forced private banks to move into high-risk neighborhoods, and make loans without regard to income, ability to pay, credit, or character.   Then as President, Bill Clinton applied additional pressure on the banks to move faster.  His chief enforcer back then was Eric Holder – working for Attorney General Janet Reno [Waco massacre].

When George W. Bush warned Congress and the nation in 2003 that Fannie and Freddie were in trouble – and would require closer monitoring of their lending practices, it was Barney Frank who spoke up in their defense and stopped any congressional oversight. 

Result?  Fannie and Freddie continued to buy bad home mortgages. 

Recently Barney wrote the $4 Trillion Wall Street Bailout Bill H.R. 4173 – which conveniently excluded Fannie and Freddie from any further government oversight or regulation.

Barney is also the guy who’s gay prostitute roommate Steve Gobie was running a gay call-boy service from Barney’s D.C. apartment in the late ’80s. 

Yet the Democratic voters of the 4th Congressional District continue to send Barney back to do more damage – cycle after cycle. 

What do they get out of this folly?  Many in the GLBT community have thought Barney could hang on to be the first gay Speaker of the House.  But today it’s 10% unemployment, $14 Trillion National Debt, and a country headed rapidly into SocialismSo have 4th District voters had enough? 

I ask again, why bring in Bill Clinton – unless the polls are showing that the voters have had enough?  Does Bill Clinton suddenly look better than Barack Obama?  Clinton ALERT!  Keep your fat chicks off the street.

What’s the best way to greet these two slime-balls?  Instead of the usual political signs and posters,  just affixed your dirty underwear to sticks and wave in the air?  Crude but fitting.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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