Persians Hold 10 Sailors Hostage…..

Posted January 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Persians mock Obama
Is Obama so wrapped up in his narcissistic fantasies that he doesn’t even realize he is being mocked on the world stage – by the Chinese, the NorKs, ISIS, and the Persian Twelvers?
By extension, we are also being mocked,  – because we elected him.

THIS time it was two small boats.   Wait until they cripple or sink a carrier….

US Sailors surrender to Iran's Navy

5 Responses to “Persians Hold 10 Sailors Hostage…..”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    They have been released, but only after the Apologist in Chief apologized to the Persians, who want to kill all Americans. Would Ronald Reagan have apologized?

  2. Iron Mike

    23 Jan 68 USS Pueblo NorKs / LBJ

    4 Nov 79 US Embassy Iranian Twelvers / Carter

    12 Jan 16 2 patrol craft Iranian Twelvers / Obama

  3. Jim Gettens

    We know where ZERO’s top advisor Valerie Jarrett comes from…
    Howie Carr, Boston Herald, on ZERO and “Liveshot” Kerry: Sheep in Sheep’s Clothing

  4. #Blackgunsmatter

    Wait a minute, I thought the Iranians were our friends? John Kerry said so.

  5. #Blackgunsmatter

    I honestly think this event/situation was intentionally staged to show how Kerry and Obolo (yes, Obolo…that’s how I spell his name) can be diplomatic. I fail to believe that two newer USN boats somehow lost power and “drifted off course.” I don’t believe it one bit!