Per Paul Krugman – Sarah Palin WAS Right!

Posted April 6th, 2010 by Iron Mike

The Left-Wing [aka “Mainstream] Media kept mocking Sarah Palin when she claimed that ObmaCare would create Death Panels who would decide the fate of old and very sick people.  They said she was trying to scare Americans.  So,  was she right after all?


What strikes me in Krugman’s statements and his attitude is his absolutely cold-blooded matter-of-fact attitude toward the entire subject.  To him it’s all an issue of “saving money”,  which I translate to “government efficiency”.  Remember that under a fully implemented ObamaCare system,  there would be no alternative avenue of treatment or care allowed. 

In other words, if you manage to live into your late 60s, and are needing a triple by-pass, a “Medical Advisory Board” [death panel] would hold the power of life or death over you. 

Just imagine how they would vote if you were now in your early 70s.  Of course with the efficiency of the RMV or your local zoning board, – your case would surely be considered in three to six months.  Surely.  I mean, I’m ~ pretty sure ~  they’d get to your case before you got too much worse.  

You can fix a lot of this come November 2nd!

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One Response to “Per Paul Krugman – Sarah Palin WAS Right!”

  1. britsarmymom

    What’s up with this administration? Advisory Board does not equal Death Panel? Jihad does not mean war? Terrorist attack in an army post is a workplace violence episode? How stupid are we supposed to be?