People’s Liberation Army 90th Birthday

Posted July 30th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Tuesday is the 90th Birthday of the People’s Liberation Army, and President Xi Jinping – in his Army fatigues – held a ‘little parade’ at a remote airstrip in Inner Mongolia.
He had several audiences:  his own people,  the Russians,  the Taiwanese,  the NorKs,  and of course, Donald Trump and the US.

While left-wing LibTurds and their Propaganda Ministry (the media) piss and moan about Trump tweeting the end of Transgender enlistments,…the Chinese are laughing.

If there are any homosexual or transgender troops in their ranks – you can be sure that they’ll never tell!  NEVER!

The takeaway for Americans – both our civilians who don’t always understand exactly what they’re seeing,  – and our military people who should,   – is that China’s 2,350,000 person military is still VERY SMALL compared to their whole population,   and being small they can draft only the most fit,  – mentally and physically.

There was a time in the 1950s and early 1960s when they had a reasonable fear of a major Soviet incursion across their northern border.

Indeed – there was an attempt by the Russians to raid their nuclear research facility at Ulan Bator (now spelled Ulaanbaatar).  

Per rumors,  the Chinese learned of it,  and positioned troops in a giant ambush,  – and wiped out a Russian armored cavalry division, – allegedly to the last man,  – and neither nation ever mentioned the incident.

Since those days the Chinese army has grown very modern, copying the very best designs from Russia and the USA (saving them years of R&D time and money) – and paying for most of by either (1). selling surplus arms to third world nations,  and (2). making the toys that go in McDonald’s Kid’s Meals.

That’s right Americans; – YOU PAID FOR the CHINESE ARMY!

What they didn’t copy outright – they managed to steal the blueprints for – – except of course the nuclear bomb and spy satellite stuff that Bill Clinton GAVE THEM – in exchange for campaign contributions….

So just imagine the American military attempting to stage a parade like this – in a remote desert post like Fort Erwin, – or maybe in Northern Nevada….

The part of the story you DON’T SEE,  – is that the Chinese PLA has also mastered the art and science of logistics,….and given that they once built the Great Wall,…that should be no surprise.

Enjoy both videos – the one filmed in Inner Mongolia,  and the one from last April in Peking.

The parade last April in Peking:

And a final thought:  If and when we finally pull out of Afghanistan,  – this is the army which will come in to control that land while their engineers mine the mineral wealth of that land.

7 Responses to “People’s Liberation Army 90th Birthday”

  1. Varvara

    Very impressive.

  2. Kojack

    Very well said, Mike, as usual. The politicians in BOTH parties have sold us down the river.

    As I have mentioned before in my comments, when the bill giving MFN status was being debated in the senate, only the two republican senators from NH voted against it. Now we can clearly see where that short-sightedness has led us.

    The 1st internet petition I ever signed was an attempt to stop CHICOM MFN for the very reasons you have illustrated. We paid for their military modernization.

    Its amazing how much their general purpose vehicles look like Humvees and their tanks look like the Abrams.

  3. Panther 6

    The Chinese have truly come a long way. They not only have numbers but they also have pretty good quality. I sure hope we never have to fight them. It would mean return to the draft just to get numbers to hold the line. The Pacific Ocean is our main line of defense. Sad part is as Kojack said, our current situation is the making of both political parties. Not sure how to become friendlier with the Chinese but need to figure out a way.

  4. Jim Gettens

    The former Mongolian Peoples Republic (“Outer Mongolia”)–capital city Ulaan Bator–was part of the USSR until about 1992. In 1990 the Mongolian people started demonstrating against USSR domination following the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1996 a multi-party system took root in “Outer Mongolia.”

    “Inner Mongolia” is a Commie Chinese province. Mongolia and its people were artificially carved up decades ago–kinda like Korea and its people.

    I parachuted in “Outer” Mongolia with a Mongolian Airborne Brigade in August 1999. It is a stunningly beautiful country and reminded us of Montana. Even then many of its people in Ulaan Bator were amazingly entrepreneurial. Many spoke English and accepted U.S. currency and credit cards… I loved my time there.

    The Chinese Commies–they’re absolutely bad news and can’t be trusted as far as you can throw them. They’ve stirred up intense nationalism in part as distraction from their criminal regime. Ya’ really can’t put nationalism back in the bottle… I hope we have an intense ‘Radio Free China’ campaign going on over the airwaves and in the cyber realm. Nevertheless, there’s gonna be trouble down the road.

  5. Raymond Smithson

    Having been to China , people are so nice, just like us, they work hard play hard ,,, they are poor rich stuck up like us. IT’S THE GOVT. THAT IS THE PROBLEM! so much to do so little time, what is wrong with this world?

  6. Sherox

    Kojack, I have often said that the real problem was Nixon giving China most favored nation status to China. Then the US public has chosen by what it buys and what it demands of companies regarding nonstop profits to their stock purchases not to mention the US government has fully funded the Chinese army. Short term gains for long term losses.

  7. Kojack

    Sherox – Nixon opened up relations with the CHI-COMS to create some friction between them and the USSR. He gave MFN status to China on the condition that it be renewed on an annual basis.

    Now BOTH PARTIES rubber-stamp CHI-COM MFN in spite of all that human rights stuff that they all crow about.

    In ’94 Clinton reversed a campaign pledge to deny the CHI-COMS MFN STATUS for a campaign contribution and as a bonus sold them restricted ICBM, missile targeting software and other restricted technology.

    The only thing that can save us from the CHI-COMS now is the combination of a severe population dip created by their one-child/couple policy which resulted in them not having enough women, severe environmental issues which have caused a spike in cancer and their limits on capitalism.