People Often Die From “Good Ideas”….

Posted June 20th, 2017 by Iron Mike

…well,…actually they die from BAD ideas that just sounded good.

The Crispy Critters of Grenfell Tower died believing that by living in an over-clad high-rise apartment building,  – they were “helping to save Mother Earth”.

While all thinking people will grieve and be horrified at the gruesome deaths those people endured,  we at RRB want to be sure you understand the greater issue – environmental FRAUD!

The Global Warming / Agenda 21 / Population Control hucksters have done a magnificent job of selling their narrative.

Across the USA, – and certainly in my town of Acton, MA,…there is an endless supply of GREEN BELIEVERS who have gleefully altered their lives in significant ways – “to save Mother Earth”.

They fully expect to wake up one morning and see a herd of starving Polar Bears foraging for food in their front yards…. Quick! More solar panels!

They are true believers – not to be dissuaded by reports of growing ice caps at BOTH Poles… Complicating their belief system is the change in buzz-words,…are they in dire fear of ‘Global Warming’,…or is it just ‘Climate Change’…?

Because they dare not hold true to a false god….

Well-meaning and sincere people have fallen victim to the hoax.  In the belief that somehow they are ‘preserving open spaces for Nature’ – people are jammed into Agenda 21’s high-density corridors in high-rise kindling piles – waiting to be ignited,  only to find out they are 8 floors above the reach of the fire hoses.

CAUTION TRUE BELIEVERS: If you live in a high-rise, – your escape parachutes should be waiting by the picture windows….

The Hoax – Simplified:

There is a core group of fairly evil and utterly arrogant people at the center of the Global Warming / Agenda 21 hoax.  They truly believe a false science that the Earth can only support 1 billion people long term,  although it today is supporting over 7 billion….

They wish to reduce the population – by any means they can get away with,  – which is why Democrats love Planned Parenthood and hate Catholics….

And they fully understand that changing human behavior is a long-term process – maybe 100 – 200 years…..

…so they start with small things,…like solar panels, windmills, green buildings, electric cars,…high-rise dwellings,….anything that can get you to change your behavior – “for the good of the Planet”….

Three to four generations later they hope there will be ZERO resistance to their plans to REDUCE the population.  They are encouraged by History – such plans worked for Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot….

Meanwhile, if you want to play with a Green Weenie’s mind,…ask them what we humans can do to stop Solar Flares….?

Or,…ask them – what melted the last ice age…?

Folks,…don’t let your kids fall victim to hucksters!

God Rest their Souls!   They died for a false god…

UPDATE:   Sunday 25 June 2017   Britain has found 34 more high-rise apartment buildings with flammable cladding…   Somebody made a lot of money.

4 Responses to “People Often Die From “Good Ideas”….”

  1. Kojack

    Kind of reminds me of the scene in the Stallone movie, “Judge Dread” where a robot peddler says “Recycled food – its great for the environment and OK for you”.

  2. Raymond Smithson

    pocket money for Govt. for sure the dems are taking you to the bank

  3. Jeffrey Wallens

    Unbelievable to go through major renovations and not put in sprinklers. In the US these residential towers were knocked down decades ago. Government chose dubious energy savings over safety of tenants.

  4. Sonny's Mom

    Daily Mail, June 14: “No sprinklers or fire alarm and residents told to stay INSIDE…” Unbelievable.