Pennsylvania High Court Frees Bill Cosby

Posted June 30th, 2021 by Iron Mike

What is it with Pennsylvania?  They can’t (won’t) conduct honest elections,  – and their prosecutors won’t honor agreements?  Conviction overturned!

2 Responses to “Pennsylvania High Court Frees Bill Cosby”

  1. Jim Buba

    You can’t say “Rufie” after you sign the settlement promising you won’t say “Rufie”.

  2. Joe

    The trial was a travesty. A new prosecutor who wouldn’t honor the prior prosecutor’s agreement not to try Cosby. In reliance on that agreement, and because he can no longer invoke the 5th amendment (because he had been given immunity from prosecution’s he was promised he wouldn’t be prosecuted), he is forced to give testimony at a deposition in a civil trial (or he could be held in contempt or charged with perjury of he lied).

    So he testifies and admits he gave Constand a qualude. We don’t know if she wanted the qualude, if she knew he was giving her a qualude. Whatever, she continues to hang around him for a year after that never claimed Cosby raped her until years later… so if he raped you, why hang around him, go to dinner with him, text him, go to his house? The new prosecutor gets the civil court deposition testimony and uses it to indict Cosby. Cosby’s defense is destroyed as there are admissions in that testimony. Testimony that he wouldn’t never given because he could’ve invoked his 5th amendment right against self incrimination if he did not have a non-prosecution agreement with the prior DA. But even with that, the first trial was a hung jury!

    So the Judge, Stephen O’Neil, I think, allows a retrial but now allows another 5 witnesses to testify against him to bolster Constand’s claims! That is improper and unfair. Compounding the impropriety of the DA. The 5 witnesses were all older ladies who had wanted to be famous actresses and Cosby was their ticket. But after Cosby used them and was done with them, they grew resentful and decades later, seeing the money and shyster lawyers, decide to claim that Cosby raped them…. decades later…. a prosecutor should seek justice but have a sense of decency and fair play. So should a judge. Sadly, this was missing in this case.