Pelosi’s Best Shot: Name Calling?

Posted May 19th, 2020 by Iron Mike

If this is her best shot – with our Nation in Lockdown;  then her quiver is empty of arrows.   But then, look at who she endorsed for president….

video clip:

Here is failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams,  – chosen by Pelosi in February 2019 to give the Democrat rebuttal to Trump’s SOTU Address…

4 Responses to “Pelosi’s Best Shot: Name Calling?”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    I’m worried for our Republic. Are there any adults with a greater than double-digit IQ in the Democrap party?

  2. Kojack

    Pelosi is morbidly communist and morbidly poisoned with Botox which has infected what little brains she has…her supporters are MORBIDLY STUPID AND ANTI-AMERICAN.

  3. panther 6

    The above comments about sum up Ms. Peelosely and the demorats. I grew up a Democrat, but that political group walked away from me about 60 years ago. I pray that November reflects that most Americans feel the same after the last 3 years. While DJT may not be lean and mean, he is not morbidly obese,,, as Stacey Abrams is.

  4. Len Mead

    Now folks,

    Let’s leave the name calling and insults to the democrats.

    We’ve got the facts, the growth economy to recover from the over-reaction to the virus and the greatest, most courageous president in history since Lincoln.

    If conservatives win the house next November, our principles will crush the socialist democrat damages for a generation

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative heading to Taxachusetts next week