Pelosi Shows Off Her Mocking Clap

Posted February 9th, 2019 by Iron Mike

She has ZERO intention of negotiating in good faith for Border Security – of ANY kind.

Speaker Pelosi made a beeline to Hollywood to surround herself with anti-Trump Hollywood Liberals.   Note Katy Perry’s join in Nancy’s mocking…

Part of the reason the Hollywood elites don’t care about Border Security is because most of them employ illegals as cheap domestic and lawn care help.

They couldn’t live quite as well if they had to pay competitive wages for legal workers….let alone being bothered with paying the required employment taxes,  SocSecurity, and Workers Comp taxes associated with LEGAL workers….

PLUS, sooner or later LEGAL EMPLOYEES would want Health Care!

One Response to “Pelosi Shows Off Her Mocking Clap”

  1. Ben

    Between Pelosi and Hollywood, they are so phony it’s pathetic but what goes round comes around. They really look so silly it’s pathetic.