Pelosi Sabotages Meeting With Trump

Posted May 22nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

The Evil Speaker is walking a wobbly tightrope – trying to hold onto her speakership and keep her frothing impeachment dogs in check.   Today she was clearly sabotaging her meeting with Trump,  – so she could look tough, – but not let the House go down the impeachment trail.

Trump has had enough,  and walked out on them as if they were the NorK Runt Dictator….  He’s more serious about keeping his promises to us,  – than they are about doing the right thing….
(2 contrasting videos)

First Pelosi accuses Trump:

After ending the meeting, Trump explains:

To understand Pelosi,   know that she was raised by the crookedest Mayor of Baltimore ever. Crooked dealings and back-stabbing are her DNA.  It’s all she’s ever known….

One Response to “Pelosi Sabotages Meeting With Trump”

  1. Ben

    Pelosi and her ilk are nothing but two face liars. They are afraid that Mr. Trump will far exceed anything the dems can come up with to help the people of this country. they would rather see us suffer so their agenda could be advanced.