Pelosi Runs Scared, Blows Smoke!

Posted September 24th, 2019 by Iron Mike

She is well aware that her impeachment-crazed zombies could cause voters to sweep Dems into the streets in 2020, – so for now she’s trying to placate them.

Democrats still want revenge for the Clinton impeachment.  They still maintain that lying under oath about blowjobs in the Oval Office wasn’t a crime.

Democrats are seldom united on key issues, – since they all take money from different and competing corporate sponsors.

But there are THREE (3) over-riding issues uniting them right now…

  1.  Their 21-year quest for revenge against Republicans for impeaching Clinton.

  2.  Their commitment to protecting the “Legacy” of their First Black President – no matter how inept, corrupt, hypocritical, or treasonous he is proven to be. They are tied to him!

  3.  Their need to OVERLOOK anything and everything the Biden Family has ever done – because they’ve all done equally sleazy things themselves,  – AND any dirt that sticks to their beloved Village Idiot also falls on Obama.

Here is Pelosi’s press announcement today:

You may get a chuckle at Nancy’s emphatic use of the word “SHALL” – at the 1:58 point on the tape.  She refers to a law that says the DNI “SHALL” refer any whistleblower complaints to Congress.

We need to remind her where ELSE that word “Shall” appears in our Constitution.

But of course we’ve all learned that Democrats only read our laws or our Constitution when it suits them….

Trump is due to release the tape of his conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday.

It won’t satisfy the Zombies, – they’re dead certain that Trump just committed treason, – and they’ll stick to that story just as they still believe a married man lying under oath about blowjobs isn’t a crime, – but global warming is an existential threat that will end civilization in 12 years

At some point Voters need to push these Democrats out into the streets – at EVERY level of government.

2 Responses to “Pelosi Runs Scared, Blows Smoke!”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Yes, the deluded democrats really believe
    – Biden was arms length away from his son’s sweetheart deal with Ukraine which paid his cocaine addicted son, Hunter, millions for advising a company where Hunter had NO KNOWLEDGE of the industry. Records now show VP BIDEN ARRANGED for his son’s appointment.
    – Biden didn’t force a Ukraine prosecutor off the suspicious appointment case by threatening to stop $1 billion in aid . . even though Biden is shown on tape bragging about doing just that.
    – Worst of all, that Biden didn’t repeatedly swim nude at his Delaware home in front of female security guards.

    Now, here’s a man who KNOWS how to make money in politics! A prime democrat candidate!

    GO JOE!

    Len Mead,
    Unwashed Conservative

  2. Tim Murphy

    … they’re dead certain that Trump just committed treason …

    I suspect they know that Trump has not committed any crime
    and that they are just evil.
    Notice that they are always falsely accusing the Republicans
    of having committed the crimes they have actually committed.


    That phenomena is called “Projection”.