Pelosi Prays – A Witch’s Brew!

Posted May 3rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Pelosi PraysI pray that Hillary decides to run…”

Pelosi was speaking at the Clinton School of Public Service [total oxymoron] when she continued the drumbeat…

Now just imagine:  Prez Clinton, VP Moosechelle, Speaker Pelosi…., SecState Susan Liar Rice… [video hereonly for the fearless]

To ‘Feminists’:  No dummies, it’s not that they’re women; – it’s that they’re Evil Socialist MoonBats!

4 Responses to “Pelosi Prays – A Witch’s Brew!”

  1. Tom

    Unless Benghazi blows up in Hill’s face, there is a very distinct that this “dynamic duo” could well be the darlings of the left and the feminazis. They can pull out the race card and that anti feminin card as well. Let’s hope and pray that we never have to face this electoral travesty.

  2. jlflick

    Just when I think it can’t get much worse… I guess being doomed is relative.

  3. Casey Chapman

    The botox lobbyists are praying for her good health, too. Geees, what a loser.

  4. Western Civ

    To whom does Pelosi pray? The pagan goddess of abortion?