Pelosi Now Fears Trump–Biden Debates

Posted August 27th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The Botox Queen has seen the Future,  and she’s terrified!   She watched the gloomy hate-spewing DNC last week,  – and now three days into the RNC – she KNOWS the Biden-Harris ticket is doomed – like Mondale-Ferrero in ’84 (only won Minnesota and DC),  and the debates could spell disaster for House Democrats running for re-election.

QUESTIONS:  Does Pelosi think SHE runs the Democrat Party?
Is the strain of old age and a lifetime of lying beginning to drag down her face?

2 Responses to “Pelosi Now Fears Trump–Biden Debates”

  1. panther 6

    The woman is off her rocker and she does mistakenly think she runs the demorat party.

    Can anyone visualize a stage with two podiums, one empty and DJT behind the other comparing party platforms?
    ‘We are for human life, our opponents are for late term abortion. We are for secure borders while they are for open borders and free stuff for all. etc etc, etc…… You get my drift. It would be a first and properly handled would ensure a TRUMP/PENCE win. Just thinking.

  2. FLICK

    Mom & I are registered Independents. Once JFK Dems many years ago. Pennsylvania sends us pre-printed requests for mail-in voting. Very disturbing! Some folks here are excited that they can mail in their votes prior to September 14. Discussing this concept with the LTurds, I take the high ground and reply, “We’ve not had any debates yet, I need to hear from the candidates who will take my Country in the proper direction and therefore DESERVE MY VOTE.” Libturds response, “Crickets…”.