Pelosi Names 7 Impeachment Prosecutors

Posted January 15th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Were the required qualifications seniority,  diversity,  honesty,  legal expertise,  persuasive speaking skills,  – or simple personal loyalty to Her Majesty?

Meanwhile, across town at the White House…. 

Trump and his team were busy working on behalf of the average American Worker and Farmer, – signing the China Trade Deal.

Hey Pelosi,  impeach THIS!

One Response to “Pelosi Names 7 Impeachment Prosecutors”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    I don’t get it. Who gave Pelosi jurisdiction over Senate proceedings?


    The 100 Senator sit as the ‘JURY’ for the impeachment trial….

    The House gets to send in a number of members (or lawyers) to act as the prosecuting attorneys, – to present their case… As Speaker she gets to name them….