Pelosi Loses Her Cool – Storms OUT!

Posted October 16th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The single thing Democrats hate most about Trump, – is that he is relentlessly keeping each and every 2016 campaign promise to the American People.

In a town where Political Memory has for generations only lasted until the next Gallup Poll, – a Republican president keeping promises is cause for panic attacks.

At RRB we’re pretty sure Pelosi and her minions are totally versed in the long and blood history of the Middle East….and why every acre of rock and sand is worth a pint of American blood….

We’re absolutely certain that Chuck Schumer is an expert on which Kurds are the ‘good ones‘, and which are the Commies….

So it’s really too bad they chose to storm out of that important meeting – where their expertise and insight would have been so helpful…

Maybe some storming music will help calm them down…?

3 Responses to “Pelosi Loses Her Cool – Storms OUT!”

  1. Ben

    A good example of how you don’t want your kids to grow up. Their feet and lungs must really hurt from holding their breath and stomping their feet.


  2. Kojack

    Steve Scalise said that after Peeelosi and Chuck You Schumer had their TEMPER TANTRUM and stormed out they were able to get things done.

  3. Sherox

    This defines them perfectly: