Pelosi Hands Out Souvenir Gold Pens

Posted January 16th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Reminiscent of Judas receiving his 30 pieces of silver,  – Pelosi passed out 30 gold pens (engraved with her name) to her faithful impeachment zombies.  None was happier to get one than Maxine Waters.

If impeachment is such sad and serious business,  why the celebratory gold pens Nancy – on silver trays….?

This may have been the happiest day in Nancy’s evil life, – at least since Roe v. Wade…. She could barely contain herself….

If impeachment is such sad and serious business,  why the celebratory gold pens Nancy, – on silver trays….?

You hard-working taxpayers PAID for those gold pens!

In their wildest dreams – do they think Mike Pence would be easier to deal with?   These people are delusional and thoroughly EVIL! 

4 Responses to “Pelosi Hands Out Souvenir Gold Pens”

  1. Varvara

    I bet that the pens start turning green very shortly……

    14K ???? gold plated ????

  2. Ben

    She is nothing but a phony. I cannot think of saying any good about her, so I guess I’d better not say anything else.

  3. Dennis London

    I watched the circus as it happened on TV and remember seeing an quick estimated cost per pen at $2000 each. Now I’m trying to find any sort of clip or image to verify…but interestingly there aren’t any.


    While cost is a single issue, the REAL STORY is the hypocrisy of turning an impeachment (over nothing) into a celebration.

  4. iris greenway

    Consider checking out on Snopes. The 30 pens used by Pelosi cost under $15. The many sharpies that Trump hands out cost $10.
    In 1999, at the Clinton impeachment, the senate had 100 pens made to hand out to the senators. These pens were mistakenly engraved to say Untied States Senator instead of United States Senator. The practice of handing out pens dates to Roosevelt. The divisive atmosphere that permeates the U.S. is dangerously frightening and untruths flying around on the internet only support this danger.


    You’re TOTALLY missing the point.

    The COST of the pens is insignificant.

    The FACT that Pelosi and her impeachment hyenas turned an alleged solemn moment into an undisguised celebration proves that they gave ZERO consideration to the FACTS of the case, – they’ve been planning an impeachment for THREE YEARS!

    BTW, Snopes is OWNED by George Soros…..