Pelosi Certified What Hawaii Wouldn’t

Posted September 30th, 2010 by Iron Mike

A little tedious but here is proof that in 2008 Nancy Pelosi “certified” that BHO Jr. was “legally qualified to serve”.  This shows that she did so because Hawaii election officials – having looked in vain for his long-form birth certificate, refused to do so.  Essentially she was pre-empting any questions or dispute. 

Someday these conspirators [Pelosi and the Obama Cartel] may be charged with treason.  The enormity that we have been operating our government,  conducting foreign policy and wars,  appointing judges, and taxing citizens with an illegal president is beyond mind-boggling.

Meanwhile we all wait for November 2012, and our deliverance from evil.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Pelosi Certified What Hawaii Wouldn’t”

  1. Nancy Henderson

    It is beyond tragic that people with the outward appearance of grownups are still talking about our president’s birth certificate. Deliver us from evil? On what planet does trying to make the world a better place for more people than just Republicans, constitute evil?

    The only way I can explain it to my children, is that a large number of people have given away their brains to a small number of liars and fear-mongers who would like to follow up the destruction of our democracy with the destruction of the earth itself. For reasons I am at a loss to explain. I would really like to know why.
    Nancy received a private answer.

  2. clifford keen

    Its clear that Nancy\ Obama\ Reid are power hungry and could care less for the majority of the USA. But the republicans better take care of buisness after November. Or they as well will be in the hot seat because we are fed up with this administration and as well would be for republicans too if they fall into the same BS. So Republicans this is not a free ride. Matter of a fact I wouldnt want to be in your shoes after november unless you mean buisness. And just to let all know didn’t vote democrat last go around .

  3. B Howell

    Re: Nancy Henderson

    As a senior citizen, with a brain in my grownup body, I take umbrage at your suggestions that I don’t care about this earth and democracy. And, yes, I do care for people other than Republicans. I have spent years of my life doing volunteer work and thousands of dollars giving help to less fortunate.

    It is not tragic that people wish to see the birth certificate of the president. This will follow him for years to come. He can put to rest these questions and concerns of Americans by producing the birth certificate.

    As for Nancy Pelosi’s 2008 certification I consider this to be a mistake that will come back and haunt her. This opinion does not make me bad person.

    I end this with the hope that you do not consider me to be a liar or a fear-monger but an intelligent person who like to look at both sides of the coin.