Pelosi And Schiff Conduct A Star Chamber

Posted October 17th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It’s clear that Democrats never bothered to study History, – because they’re repeating it.

The Founders and Framers of our Constitution knew History.  They feared the rise of a despot,  – a King-like President who might attempt to RULE by fiat, guile, and raw power instead of Governing within the limits they had just set forth in our Constitution.

Never once did they envision that their elected Representatives and Senators (part-time low-paid jobs back then) would conspire to overthrow the Government.

If you don’t know what a Star Chamber is, – you were likely raised by Democrats and programmed by Union Teachers in Public School.

In 15th, 16th, and 17th Century England the Star Chamber operated at the pleasure of the Kings.  It consisted of certain nobles and trusted Judges and Lawyers – to hear cases the King didn’t want tried in public.

Someone could refer a name – and that person could be tried, – often without even knowing he was being tried.  Conviction was a certainty,  execution highly likely,  and of course one’s property became the King’s…

It ran against Anglo-Saxon Common Law,  was a total abuse of power,  – but once again – unarmed Britons were powerless to resist.

For these past 33 months – first the Traitor Ryan and now the Traitor Pelosi have attempted to ignore the Will of the People – and subvert President Trump.

First they used the Golden Showers Dossier, then the Muller Investigation, – and now his legitimate calls to the President of the Ukraine as a pretext to impeach him.

The long overdue death today of Baltimore’s Poverty Pimp Elijah Cummings will only solidify their resolve,  – even as they drag out Obama and perhaps even Hillary to eulogize his bloated corpse. They know time is running short, – and voters like you are increasingly angry.

So exactly like that 16th Century Star Chamber, – Adam Schiff will continue to subpoena witness to TESTIFY IN SECRET, – while keeping Republicans OUT of the Chamber. 

And their Media Partners at CNN will continue to misinform the voting public in their attempt to reshape History.

If you can’t smell the Treason,  – please have a doctor look at your sinuses.

FOOTNOTE:  In the late 20th Century the TRUTH about Kings and Emperors was often obscured and then romanticized, – by Walt Disney in fairy tales and in small-town America high school homecomings.

Even on TV there was a show “Queen for a Day”.

History was swallowed by contemporary culture.

3 Responses to “Pelosi And Schiff Conduct A Star Chamber”

  1. Jim Buba

    Star Chamber? Oh, you mean like the Commonwealth’s Clerk Magistrate system, right?

  2. Aloha Snackbar

    Or family court?

  3. Charles

    Until the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is brought to just this insanity will continue ! The Trump impeachment BS is the democrats in the US Congress using a Saul Alinsky tactic of staying on the offense to cover for eight long years of a fraud sitting in the White House going by. the name of barack hussein obama !