Pearl Harbor: The Unintended Consequences

Posted December 7th, 2016 by Iron Mike

At dawn on 8 February 1904,  the Japanese Fleet under Admiral Togo Heihachiro sailed into Port Arthur Russia, – leveled their guns, – and sunk the Russian Pacific Fleet at anchor.

It was a sneak attack without a declaration of war.  In under two years they were the undisputed winner.
It taught them a bad lesson,  – and in 1941 they tried it again.

The United States has made similar military blunders based on “winning wars”…

One of our biggest came after World War Two,  – when we assumed we were suddenly the undisputed masters of the world,  – and that our Atomic Bomb would insure world peace.

But in the several dozen guerrilla wars around the world which ensued, – our atomic bombs were useless.

Then the NorKs invaded South Korea,  – and our once-mighty military had shrunken to a token constabulary force in Japan.  We paid dearly,  – and we’re STILL in Korea.

Truman and then Eisenhower pretty much ignored what was going on in French Indochina;  – it wasn’t our fight.  The French asked to borrow a few Atomic Bombs,  – and Ike said “No!”. 

The French lost and four new ‘nations’ were born….

And suddenly under young JFK, (a ‘war hero’ remember?) – we were involved.  We had to halt the spread of Communism….. 

Then LBJ chose to micro-manage every detail of the bombing,  – with no intention of winning…..

LESSON:  Picking a Vice President is JUST as important as picking the Commander-in-Chief.

Maybe we were suckered into the fight by the Russians – so we would be exhausted,  – as they built up their military might…..

LESSON:  Almost all of the fighting in WWII had been against conventional forces,  – Italians, Germans, and Japs.   The officers who rose to General and Admiral were good men,   brave, and proven warriors.

But they didn’t think like guerrillas – and were dumbfounded time and again by Communist tactics,  – and by the slowly eroding will of Americans to see the thing through to victory.   The bungling of BOTH LBJ and Nixon actually aided the enemy,  – and alienated an entire generation of young Americans….

…which is why you see so many COEXIST bumper stickers and why the aging 1960s hippies are so willing to accept Muslim ‘refugees’ – because their instinct is to surrender rather than risk a fight.

They refuse to see the evil.


Can you think of a US president who thought he could ‘declare Victory’ and withdraw our troops;  – without accepting an unconditional surrender from the enemy…?

Can you think of a US president who announced our pull-out date;  – EVEN as he was sending in additional troops….?

Can you think of a couple of US presidents who micro-managed campaigns – not to win,   – but to inflict minimal casualties on the enemy,  – and minimize US casualties…?  How’d that work out…?

Do you know a US president who won a Nobel Peace Prize for ending a war?  Which one?

Do you know that they don’t even teach the Russo-Japanese War in US schools anymore…?  Do you know WHY?

5 Responses to “Pearl Harbor: The Unintended Consequences”

  1. Walter Knight

    Wars don’t end until there is a winner.

    Aging hippies? It’s not that their first instinct is to surrender. It’s that they’ve chosen sides with the enemy. That’s easy to do because they hate America first, and think the single-most thing wrong with America is that it has way too many white people.

    Liberals are wrong. America is freedom, not a demographic. That upsets liberals even more, and is why they attack freedom at every turn, and always play the race card.

    We just barely took America back this election. It in places it was war in the streets. I call this election the first Facebook election. Unfiltered news got out to the public in spite of the Left controlling most media, and many leaders failing us. Trump now tweeting to America instead of being filtered by the media is also part of this new news media and the war for our minds and culture.

  2. Kojack

    Truman should have ignored the inept, corrupt U.N. and allowed McArthur to obliterate the NorKs. Today there would only be one Korea if he had.

  3. Kojack

    Maybe we should have lent the nukes to the French as well.

  4. Bill Beebee

    My reading of history is that America seems to get afflicted with excess Liberalism about every 40 years. It is a pendulum swinging back and forth. The 1930s was a time of a sick economy and rampant Lefty crazies running around. The 1970s saw the same thing with the initial excuse being Viet Nam. The 2010s was a repeat – in some ways today feels like the 70s again.

    Now, we have a “sort-of” repeat of Reagan-like populism, driven by people who have been beaten up by bad economics and excess PC. They have come to power again, but just by a little bit

  5. Catherine

    The war they ALL forgot to fight was the internal war against communism in the schools.