Peaceful Assembly Or Domestic Insurgency?

Posted July 26th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Lasers in the eyes of cops,  industrial power tools to take down a fence,  explosives thrown at the cops,  bystanders beaten,  burning city trucks,….is this in any way about George Floyd,  – or is this the opening battle in our 21st Century Communist Civil War?
Two videos: You Decide!

This is 1929 Germany all over again.

These people will use lies, propaganda, and extreme violence to bully and silence average Americans,  – to suppress voting and crush our Constitutional Republic from within,  – achieve anarchy,  – and then bring forth their Communist state. 

If Biden should win in November – he and his Soros puppet-masters will support them,  – telling local police to STAND DOWN.

Vote smart Folks, and AMMO UP!

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