Paul LePage Might Save Maine – From Itself

Posted May 11th, 2010 by Iron Mike

So often over the years I’ve crossed my fingers while marking my ballot – hoping that my choice will prove the lesser of two evils.  So often I’ve been disappointed.  This evening I had a long chat with a Real Republican – yes, one of that lost rare breed – who’s running for Governor up in Maine.  If Maine can be saved,  Paul LePage is the man to do it.

Maine has term limits – so Governor John Baldacci of Bangor is serving his last year.  There are at least a dozen liberal Dems and über-liberal Dems, and even a handful of RiNOs running to replace him.  Hey it’s tough being a real Republican up in Maine.

What little industry is left is heavily unionized, and Maine’s imports – the tree-hugging Birkenstock-wearing trust fund liberals are always campaigning to shut down industry and preserve the forests.

They live on trust fund money, so they can’t see the forest industries for the trees.

Maine lives on four industries:  timber/paper, potatoes, lobster/fishing, and tourism.  When life gets a little tough in the rest of the country, life just got real hard in Maine.   But for 30+ years the liberals haven’t cared.  They wanted their green world, their liberal laws, their recreational pharmaceuticals [illegal drugs], and short lines at the ski lifts and at the L.L. Bean store.

They really hate those big logging trucks, and the smell of paper mills.  That smell problem may solve itself, what with all the liberal newspapers going out of business.

The point is that 30+ years of liberal demands, and liberal toadies in Augusta catering to them – all without considering the long-term consequences – like industry moving south and unemployment at 8.3%, – has turned Maine into a welfare state.  The welfare system has become a cottage industry.  And we won’t even go into the rampant drug and crime problems, or the burden of illegals on welfare.

Did I mention that Maine fancies itself a sanctuary state?  They’d rather tax their working poor to pay for their illegal poor, than send those illegals to ICE.

So Paul has some plans to get Maine working again – and up off it’s knees.  He’s proven he can trim a government payroll – he did that when he first became Mayor of Waterville.  It was tough, but it had to be done.  He wants to rewrite Maine’s punitive business and industry regulations, and see if he can’t lure some of the departed companies back from Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Carolinas.  And he wants to cut state spending.  I think he means it.

So do his toady opponents.  Two of them – both RiNOs – paid private investigators to dig up dirt on him.  Several of the Dems are digging too. – but that’s a very dangerous game for them.  Already several have had to quit over financial and signature irregularities.  Gee, how did those sins ever see the light of day?  Could it be the new kid in town – the TEA Parties?

There is a quiet revolution growing in Maine.  They’ve become fed up with their RiNO senators who voted with Benedict Arlen Specter for Obama’s socialist spending programs.  They’ve suddenly rediscovered the US Constitution.   Paul LePage is quietly leading that revolution.

So let the private eyes dig.  Better still,  let the Maine voters dig!  They’ll find a rough hewn but deeply honest and committed man who believes in his country and our Constitution.  A man who was earning his own living at age 12 – working two jobs.  A man who in 1983 walked away from a $28 K bonus he’d earned – because it was the right thing to do.  A man who went on a rare vacation to Jamaica, and came back with an adopted son – a son now getting his Masters Degree.  A man who has fought corruption before and won.  A man with a history of getting things done – not just talked about.

Dig Maine dig!  And vote for Paul LePage – if you’re tired of living on the welfare merry-go-round and waiting for the next season of tourists to show up.  Damn, I wish he were running here in Massachusetts.

     Run Paul Run!

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

6 Responses to “Paul LePage Might Save Maine – From Itself”

  1. MC

    Great Article – Loved his video – We need more good men like Paul LePage to step up to the plate to bring back this country! God Bless the USA

  2. Karen G

    I wish I could cast a vote for Paul. My grandparents and parents are from Maine, I went to college in Lewiston, and I shopped at Marden’s (the company LePage manages) for stuff for my dorm room. I feel like I know the guy! He is what every state needs — a hard-working and practical candidate who brings common sense and responsibility to the table. Good luck to him!

  3. Watchdog

    Before anyone starts touting LePages accomplishments as the Mayor of Waterville, maybe he should be honest and tell people that in Waterville, the Mayor’s job is a part-time figurehead celebrity type. No decision-making authority. No impact on the budget. NADA.

    He’s been riding that wave all campaign – “look what I done for Waterville!”

    BS. Baby. All we need is another cutesy nutsy figurehead in the Capital. He and his socalled “principled” supporters – who are only principled when it’s convenient. It’s the kind of politics people are sick of.

    There are other candidates in the race who don’t have to lie about their credentials!

  4. ironmike

    Thanks for clicking in Watchdog. Where are you from? If there are other candidates [I’m sure there are] who do you favor – and why?

  5. Jason

    One of the first things Paul did when he was elected as Mayor of Waterville was push to change the charter from strong Mayor to weak Mayor, reducing the power of his own position, to protect the citizens of Waterville from the corruption they had already experienced. Paul still holds power, the Mayors position is not just a figurehead position, sorry you are wrong WATCHDOG. By the way, Paul vetoed the recent budget because it raised taxes, and the council (all Democrats) did not override him. So much for a lack of power. Paul uses the veto pen with confidence, and communicates directly with the residents of Waterville. He is exactly what MAINE needs.

  6. CT

    The video is good and I like what you want to do to Maine to help us all out. YOU’RE THE ONE TO DO IT. GOOD JOB PAUL!