Paul Krugman Wants Death Panels

Posted February 6th, 2013 by Iron Mike

KrugmanRemember when the MoonBats mocked Sarah Palin for revealing the matter in ObamaCare?

Here the ‘Darling Economist’ of America’s extreme left wing speaks openly of Death Panels and sales taxes, “ to maintain the kind of government, – the kind of society we want…”.

Who is “we” Paul – you got a mouse in your pocket? 

Listen as this smooth-talking highly educated Nobel Prize winning economist and star NY Times columnist talks about Americas increasing debt structure and his left-wing solutions.

Pick out his admissions:

that our Debt/GDP ratio now at 73% will rise above 80%

that by 2025 or 2030 ‘something has to give‘…

that ‘...we’ll need more revenue…middle class taxes‘…

to ‘maintain the kind of government – the kind of society we want‘…

that ‘the snarky answer is…death panels and sales taxes‘…

Does anybody find it sad, ironic, or even horrific…
– that a Jew is talking about death panels – in a synagog?

You think that anybody in the media will pick up on this?

8 Responses to “Paul Krugman Wants Death Panels”

  1. Timothy Roesch

    There is a menorah behind him.

    Jews! UNITE!
    Unite at the train station where you can pick up your tickets for you, your family and your friends, your elderly, to Dachau or possibly sunny Auschwitz where the heat is always free.

    Are you kidding me?

    Stunning it is cool brevity; like a razor slashing out of the night.
    Are you awake yet?

  2. Tom

    It is ironic that most or all of what had been brought to attention of the high and low information voters back before the implimentation of the “Affordable Care Act” aka Obamacare has proven to be factual. The low information voters have had their usual mory lapse and have overdosed on the Obama kool aide. The informed have said “we told you do”, but the reelection of this pResident was a big Winn for the low information, taker crowd and we will pay the consequences.

  3. Debbie near Camp Pendleton

    Reminds me of Uwe Reinhardt — not sure if he likes death panels but he is also a socialist economist, especially when it comes to health care.

    Sounded like people groaned in the audience when he talked about death panels, but the same people who drank the KoolAid will probably be supporting them soon.


  4. Sam Adams

    Who’s surprised by this? The left has only become more emboldened with the re-election of their Marxist/communist leader.
    This is a culmination of decades of Republicans playing sidekick to the loons who took over the Democrat Party long ago.
    We still have Republicans and so-called conservative pundits who are giving these monsters the benefit of the doubt.
    For what!
    Nobody’s had enough yet?
    All we can do is act surprised?
    Sooner than you think it will come down to them or you and your family.
    Better take a stand now, or it’ll be too late later.

  5. Debbie near Camp Pendleton

    Speaking of “them or you and your family”, if this dumbass’s relative had a life or death illness, you can bet HE would be sure his own kin wouldn’t go before the “death panel”, since he is in cahoots with all the bigshots.

  6. Ralphyboy

    I am surprised that the audience has not completely removed themselves from this assembly. He may well have a Menorah behind him but has left wing manure spewing from his mouth.

  7. Blossom Stiefel

    The seeds of a tyrannical government are present in the United States today. How can so many people be so blind to it all?
    The Jewish people that I know are terrified of what is happening in our country and in the world. We remember all too well the bitter lessons of history. We work very hard to persuade people on the left to see what is really happening in the world. We must stand up to preserve the greatest country ever.

  8. Kojack

    No country in history has gone this far down the “slippery slope” and recovered……the Obysmal rump-swabs are totally oblivious to the lessons of history, which, thanks to them we shall all have to repeat……only a brutal 2nd civil war(constitutionalists vs socialists/communists) will prevent the USA from becoming the USSA.