Patrick Byrne’s Rambling Fox Interview

Posted August 23rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Byrne said Comey is shitting in his pants.  I’d pay to watch that!

I ~ almost ~ didn’t watch, (don’t believe that MacCallum is a Conservative), – so I usually switch to Lou Dobbs….  But last night I watched a scared man tell a wild but probably true tale of being used and abused by the coup plotters.  They forgot to suicide him. video:

I see a couple of plausible ways to look at this sudden revelation by Patrick Byrne – who just resigned as CEO of Overstocked.

Swamp Insiders will say he is a loose loon – looking for attention.

The Left Wing Media will investigate EVERY MINUTE of his entire life looking for any dirt to smear him,…and thus discredit his story…

The Hillary Klingons will look for any crimes he can be charged with,…and failing that they’ll try to ‘suicide him’….

OR,…he may prove entirely credible,…and prove invaluable in blowing the swamp creatures out of their slimy lairs….

There is even the possibility that Bill Barr and John Durham have asked him to go in the interview circuit to get the left-leaning part of the American Public ready for what is coming….

This is just the START of the interview….

This is the FULL interview….22 minutes…..

CONSIDER:  If rogue FBI / CIA / NIA / DOJ people caused Byrne to “act on behalf of the US Government”,  – and as a result of their fraud he has now had to step down from the company he founded, – he has one hell of a lawsuit against those individuals AND against the US Government.

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