Pathetic RiNOs On Parade

Posted February 23rd, 2011 by Iron Mike

People sometimes ask me skeptically what my definition of a RiNO is.  I usually talk about Cafeteria Republicans”, who somehow are very concerned with taxes and spending – or a 41B development near their mansions, but are quite willing to cave on school budgets, abortion, gay marriage, DA/DT, the 2nd Amendment, and Socialist-inspired unconstitutional laws.

A classic example is this recent issue of an all-too-familiar display of RiNO thinking. The Acton RTC has adopted, and posted on their website a remarkably pathetic non-Republican plea to their elected officials.  Get a barf bag and

Claiming to represent “over 1500 registered Republicans [that sure ain’t so] …working to further Republican ideals of liberty and the constitution. ”

Note they spell Constitution with a small ‘c’.  Inexcusable!

Now they want their elected public officials to “block Obamacare funding until any Federal budget increase is accompanied by sufficient spending reductions that will achieve a balanced budget.”


Rich RiNO Chair

Really?  You can live with a budget INCREASE? 

Just ‘block the funding’ for awhile?  And you call yourselves ‘Republicans’?

In the most polite language I can muster: the ActorRTC wouldn’t make a decent pimple on a REAL Republican’s …rump.  How much wine had you sipped when you sat around and approved this ‘resolution’?  Whose brainstorm was this?!?!

ObamaCare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, by virtue of common sense and Federal Judges Hudson and Vincent.  What part of ANY ‘Republican’ would want to fund ANY of it under ANY circumstance?  Ever?

We want it REPEALED by Congress, and/or declared Unconstitutional by John Roberts and the Supremes.  It’s not a matter of tweaking or fixing it – or even defunding it.  We want it GONE!

You have just presented the world with prima facie evidence that you are NOT Republicans.  You’re not even good RiNOs.  You’re really just limp-wristed fiscally conservative Democrats.  How come you didn’t print the names of the signers?  No guts? 

You’re sure going to impress Niki, Scotty, and Lurch with a strong forceful position like this – you wimps.  


   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

AND:  Any ActonRTC members who didn’t vote for this ‘resolution’ – should say so!

2 Responses to “Pathetic RiNOs On Parade”

  1. Rabid Republican

    The only item in consideration is constitutionality… it’s not constitutional, no other criteria need to be considered. rr

  2. Perplexed Senior

    What a bunch of morons. What is it they don’t understand that the Republican House and all GOP members of the Senate have already stated that they will vote to defund this unconstitutional piece of legislation? This is a mirror image of many members of the State GOP and you wonder why we cannot win in this state? Please pass the white zinfandel.