Pat Condell: Hello Angry Losers

Posted March 31st, 2017 by Iron Mike

Pat is talking to British socialists….

.but he could be talking to Hillary’s supporters…

It’s a great rant – makes me wish I could keep a train of thought that long.  ENJOY!


4 Responses to “Pat Condell: Hello Angry Losers”

  1. Varvara

    Thank the good Lord for Pat Condell.

    I remember when the EU was formed as a Trade Policy to compete with the US. Somewhere along the path the elites made many rules and regulations that it no longer looked, smelled or tasted like a trade agreement. These elites needed special titles, buildings to house the people making the rules and regulations.

    And then came the migrants…….

  2. Kojack

    Great rant…I always enjoy hearing from Pat Condell, especially when he exposes the UGLY TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM.

    He definitely could be speaking about the DEMOCRAPS, RiNO’s and elitists.

  3. Catherine

    Pat Condell is always terrific.

  4. Richard Murtagh

    My considered response to Pat Condell’s angry Brexit video that’s currently doing the rounds….


    Did any of your law school training include the art of brevity?

    How many people do you REALLY expect to wade through 14 paragraphs?