Party Chair Barbie Gets Her Limelight

Posted September 4th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Here she is – our MassGOP ChairJennifer A. Nassour, Esquire – up in New Hampshire – looking all aglow in Mitt Romney’s presence. She made the front page of Fox.

Gee Barbie, is there ~ any chance ~ that your Merrimac Street HQ will consider supporting any OTHER Republican, – like maybe a real one before March?

Barbie, do you even know who else is running?  Does the MassGOP represent us – or Willard? What WH position are you angling for Barbie?

BTW, Barbie, did you happen to notice those TEA Party folk who were there to rag on Willard?

3 Responses to “Party Chair Barbie Gets Her Limelight”

  1. Sam Adams

    Nassour’s campaigning for Mitt? Isn’t that a violation of her position?

  2. sad4magop

    Just one more reason why the Republican Party in this state needs good candidates to run for the Republican State Committee. If Republicans want to make a difference, the single most important office is State Committee man or women. Interested people can call the MA Secretary of State. It is the only way to oust Nassour and her fellow liberals. If she weren’t so darned incompetent it might just be funny.

  3. Lonnie Brennan

    REPUBLICAN State Committee People….they are elected officials, and have been put on notice that they will be treated as such. All have been asked to fill out our candidate questionnaire at

    Yes, with 89% of the Mass Voters choosing NOT to enroll as Republicans, a change in the state party would be in order, from the top down…and a lot of apparent dead weight…

    Thank you Mike for all you do!