Party Chair Barbie – RESIGN!

Posted November 3rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

TO:   Jennifer Ann Nassour, Esquire
         Chairwoman – Mass GOP

Less than two years ago in the Chelmsford Police Station, I asked you who you had in mind to be our next governor.  Dumbfounded, you muttered something about a Milton selectman you thought was clever.  It was a totally revealing moment.  You were only focused on getting elected to a high visibility job to further your own career, and you hadn’t given ten minutes of thought to a plan of action.

Last night we saw the result of all those drinks you so lavishly bought for the District Reps.  In the vacuum of your ‘leadership’, we lost our ass.  We lost everything!  We have been humiliated before the nation, now to be justifiably equated with California.

Duh-val has been elevated from a pathetic joke to the level of 2012 vice-presidential material.  He looks like the leader of the “Massachusetts Comeback”.  Any talk of the “Massachusetts Miracle” is ancient history – now a mere asterisk in the ongoing history of Blue Massachusetts.  Why is that?

Nationwide the Republicans managed to capture some 239 seats in the US House of Representatives.  But EVERY socialist from Mass was safe.  Bill Delahunt must be kicking himself in the ass for quitting.  Faced with your leadership, he had nothing to fear.  Even the most hated Congressman in the land – Barney Frank – gets to screw over America for another two years.  Why is that?

Our new RiNO Senator Brown can read election returns.  Under your ‘leadership’ thoroughly disgraced and thoroughly dishonest AG Martha Coakley ran UNOPPOSED in the Primary except for two write-in candidates.  Why was that?  Her solid reelection positions her for a robust rematch with Brown in 2012.

Do you for a moment think Brown is going to play Republican Stalwart now, or will he bend backwards across the aisle – even meeting with Democrats on a regular basis?

So let’s review some of your ‘accomplishments’ in the 21 months you’ve been the Chair:

     – your first move was to grand an ‘interview’ with Bay Windows – wherein you offered them your complete surrender on all social issues.  That thoroughly pissed off the more conservative elements of your party, and when they objected – you told them to “walk”. 

     –  totally emboldened, the GLBT community created the Transgender Bathroom Bill.  You remained silent – even knowing that under this bill a mom or dad who objected to a transgender display in front of their kids could be charged with a hate crime. 

     –  as the TEA Party movement gathered strength during 2009 – you joined the bandwagon of voices sniping at them and marginalizing them.  These folks were your most vocal and activist potential allies.  They were out in force – spending their own money – yet you publicly spurned them.  Why was that?

     –  as the 2010 campaign season opened up you ignored worthy candidates and clearly appeared to push others.  You found a young gay man to run against Barney in the 4th.  You allowed an unvetted candidate with a troubling record to run in the 5th.   You openly sided with Charlie Baker over Christy Mihos, squeezing him out of the state convention.  It was clear to many of us that you never vetted Baker.  Baker flunked my simple test when he couldn’t tell me the difference between a battalion and a brigade – accusing me of asking him ‘a trick question”.  [To their credits Tisei and Mihos both went and learned the answers.]

     – has it yet dawned on you that the Dems were so confident all along that they never used their October Surprise on Baker?  And if you still don’t know what it would have been, why is that?

     –  were you aware that as recently as 2005 Sean Bielat was a registered Democrat?  How long do you think you can fool the voters with redressed Dems and RiNOs?  Why do you continue to try?

     –  were you aware we could find no voting records for Golnik?  NONE!  Not in any state.  Why weren’t you involved in persuading him to drop out when this was first surfaced?  More importantly, why didn’t your office find this out FIRST?!?

     –  As the sun rises this morning all we have gained is some seven seats in the Mass house but we’ve lost Tisei’s senate seat.  For this you labored two years? 

Where was the statewide coordinated Republican Voice, the Republican Message, and the Republican Party Leadership for these past ten months?  I haven’t seen or heard it, and I’ve been paying attention.

Where is the kick-ass MassGOP website that you promised, in that Boxborough meeting you asked me for $5K for a webmaster then told conservatives they could “walk”?

Where were all those GLBT votes your Bay Windows surrender was supposed to bring into the Party?  I think you were had.

Where was your polling effort to measure both likely voters and Republican voters?  Here in the Mass 5th,  we were barraged by polls in late August and early September.   The Tsongas camp knew exactly how many votes they needed to give Golnik to assure she would face our most flawed contender.  It worked like a charm.  Pray tell, what was your plan? 

And now this morning Jennifer – what is your plan for the 2012 Election Year?
The Scott Brown seat will be up for grabs, as will all 9 or ~ maybe 10 ~ congressional seats.  Don’t tell me you have a plan Jen, because we know Mitt hasn’t given it to you yet. 

Does John Boehner even know your name? 

Will he even take your call?  I doubt it.  You see ‘pretty’ and ‘cute’ didn’t cut the mustard.  You have been no more use to us – or to the national effort – than Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, or Brittany Spears. 

You did NOTHING for two years to help the National Republican Party.  National money spent here was wasted – utterly wasted.  Don’t look for any over the next two years.  Your planning failures, your inaction, and your miscues have left us isolated.  In the national political picture we’re now in Hillary’s camp.  We’re a joke.

If you had a shred of honor – you would resign today

Return to private practice where your looks may hold sway over a jury or a judge from time to time.  Maybe you can cut it as an attorney, but you’re simply in way over your head trying to lead us out of the Blue Bog.

Try the bankruptcy business Jen.  With the socialist in total charge for another two years there will be lots of bankruptcies here in the Commonwealth.  Or maybe immigration law, because Duh-val and his clique are certainly going to keep this state a magnet for illegals.

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “Party Chair Barbie – RESIGN!”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    The MoonBat bookends of this Great Country (MA and CA) are a joke and an embarrassment. The “flyover states” get it we have no clue. Many of us have busted our butts day and night for many months working very hard for candidates, not perfect, first in the primaries but at least an alternative to the socialists than permeate this Peoples Republic of Massachuestts. We did the grunt work obtaining signatures, registering voters, standing out in the heat, rain and cold, making calls, stuffing envelopes, writing letters to the editor, attending meetings and seminars, traveling around the state, marching in DC all on our own dime while the Mass GOP elitists attended those $500 cocktail parties in the posh suburbs. Mike, I join you and any other responsible member of the Mass GOP in demanding that Jennifer Nassour and all of the Mass GOP’s staff resign immediadtely.

  2. asusue

    This state is a disgrace. This was the perfect storm year for the GOP to make huge gains and MA blew it. The hard work of the very energized Tea Parties, the anger, fear and disgust at the socialist agenda of the Federal government, the confidence engendered by Scott Brown’s election should have enabled us to at least make a couple gains. We had good candidates- not great, Mike- but good. Yet we are sending the entire delegation back to DC. Are the people in this state actually happy with the way we live? Or are they so stupid that they see no connection between the way we live and the way they vote? I am sure the Dems all think that this election is a mandate for them to continue to screw us. I am so depressed about MA I can’t even enjoy the 63 seats we picked up in the House. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow, but I have some thinking to do. Texas anyone?

  3. Jeff Wallens

    I have been amazed over the last two years that we have not seen an alternative Republican budget on Beacon Hill. I am talking about a straight 5% sales tax with 5% income tax that fully funds local aid, including the schools. It would include cancelling prevailing wage overpayments, a hiring freeze and cuts in pay and benefits to state employees, like the rest of us have gone through. Will it go anywhere? Of course not! But at least we can turn the argument from the “devastating” cuts to our schools to the real problem.

    Why is it that we don’t cultivate local elected officials for State office? Why is it that most years Republicans do not even contest State Rep and State Senate offices? How come we never see candidates for Governor’s Council or Middlesex County? Taking people who have never even served on a Planning Board and running them for Congress is generally not going to work. Is there even a database of people with ‘Rs’ after their names that are Selectmen or some other local office holder?

    How about money? National money is not going to come unless they see us having a shot at a big tempting target like Teddy of Barney. Does the Mass GOP have any ability to help candidates with web sites? Can we devise common advertising for State Rep and State Senate candidates? Does everyone need to do their own phone banking?

    Things in Massachusetts never seem to change. While I have always worked for Republican candidates, I left the actual party for years (I am now back) because I just couldn’t take going to meetings that were thinly disguised social clubs.

  4. supportourmarines

    Iron Mike —

    I know nothing about your Massatwoshits GOP chair but it sounds like the GOP there took a very lackadaisical approach to this November’s elections. What in the world were they thinking?!

    Barney Frank is back again — have people no brains in their head? It’s epidemic — Nancy Pelosi apparently won by 80% of the vote in San Fran.

    But you can’t blame one person (and talking about Jennifer’s looks — please don’t go there as it sounds kind of sexist — if she were pretty or ugly, it doesn’t matter — you wouldn’t talk about a guy’s looks, good or bad, if he were the GOP chair) because if there are just too many stupid people in a state, even having Hannity be the party chair wouldn’t help.

    Look at my great state of CA. EVERY major office went to a Dem!! But we had crappy candidates who won the primaries. The candidate for Lt. Governor is a RINO who has voted for lots of tax increases — Gavin Newsome isn’t much worse. And the insurnace commissioner? Our guy apparently lied through his teeth. Of course I couldn’t bring myself to vote for the Dem — I voted for the Libertarian as my vote of protest. I have to be honest and say that I have NEVER, in 27 years of voting, voted for a Dem or Libertarian or anyone else, EVER. And I did so yesterday for that position.

    I heard some people at work talking about how they weren’t going to vote for Meg Whitman because Meg “doesn’t care about me”. OH — and Moonbeam Jerry Brown DOES?? I can’t believe a guy who had a major gaffe in the debate with Meg — he almost said he had the police chiefs in his “back pocket” but corrected it as he was saying it — I can’t believe this type of a guy can get elected! The news media completely did NOT cover that major gaffe (other than my local news media, which shockingly is somewhat fair). Meg should’ve used it in her last commercials to show what a crook he is. But she didn’t.

    I looked for that soundbite to share with you — it was nowhere to be found on youtube or bing. Alas, ironically on NBC’s SF Bay Area affiliate, I found it. Here is the gaffe from the man who is “unaccustomed to politics” — give me a frigging break:

    I have a friend who was in the College Republicans at our university when we were students. She is a staunch conservative – used to call Ron and Nancy “Uncle Ron and Aunt Nan”. But she VOTED FOR JERRY BROWN. Why? Because she is a teacher, she’s worried about state of CA cutbacks, and she has her pension to be concerned about. And she is a staunch teacher’s union supporter. Better to have Jimmy Hoffa and John L. Lewis-esque people “union goons” in charge and dictating elections — even some self-serving Republicans will bite! I’ll be the first to tell her “see I told you so” when she starts moaning and complaining, when Moonbeam doesn’t deliver all his promises and her precious pension is still in jeopardy.

    I am thankful that at least some of this country GETS the catastrophe we are headed for, if we don’t do something soon. Obviously most people in Cali and Mass have their heads firmly planted where the sun don’t shine.